“No Day Starts And Ends The Same Way” – Asiegbu, Chinonso Emmanuel (The Inspirational Parrot)

day will ever start and end the same way it started; that’s why you have to
make the best of life with whatever each day has to offer. Each new day will
either makes you feel better or bitter, greater or less, richer or poorer. This
article by Asiegbu, Chinonso Emmanuel (The Inspirational Parrot) is for you; make sure you read till the end.

are the pilot of each day as God is the Controller, and until you have started the engine, you won’t
fly. You may wake up each day and decide to remain indoors or idle; that won’t
stop the hands of the clock from ticking, it won’t even affect someone who has
chosen to make better use of opportunities that each day brings along his way.

up each day with a belief, hope, and optimism that each day won’t end in
futility for you. You may not earn more money just in a day, but that day may
get you connected to someone or a business that will fetch you huge amount of
money the next day, and even throughout other days of your life.
day may begin with a sunny morning but end with a rainy evening, and vice versa.
Every moment of each day has something different and unique; you may not notice
it, but someone else can. So make sure you pray that you have the ability to
see the opportunities that each day of your life brings along.
Even if your day does not start with a good story, do not give up and remember that you still have within you the abilities to change the condition and make your day to culminate with a good story. No matter what has happened to you; do not let it to deny you of the opportunities that the day will bring your way.
sure that your life doesn’t always remain the same every day. Add something new
and good to your life each moment of your life. You can decide to watch a new
movie or read a different book. What about choosing to be visiting this blog
every day to check of new posts or even our previous posts which you may have
missed? On visiting this blog daily, you may see through adverts being displayed opportunities
you need which will fetch you some money in life.
don’t grow up by remaining the same; there are changes physically, chemically,
biologically, biochemically, physiologically, psychologically, mentally,
spiritually and so on. Everything we do adds something (good or bad) to our
lives. You may not notice it at the moment, but one day you will.
or nobody should deny you of making yourself a better person each day. That you
were not lucky yesterday does not mean you won’t be lucky today or be luckier
might not say how exactly my tomorrow will be, but I have the ability and clout
to decide my ‘now’ (this moment). If I’m better today, there is probability
that I will be among the best tomorrow. You are born to excel in life; it’s
your responsibility to attain excellence in life, but it is your onus to work
out your success.
nothing or nobody changes you today does not mean that you should not change
who you are. Whoever we become each day starts from the inside. If you believe
you can, then you can make your day to end well. Your mindsets and thoughts are
very essential in whoever you become; hence you must be very careful with
whatever your mind conceives.
I may not have to write or publish any article, but today I may have done that
already. Challenges of life may have clouded all over your mind trying to make
you think that today is going to end same way it started.
if your thoughts and plans were not executed, don’t let them be effaced from
your mind; modify or scrutinize them again. Don’t leave the ideas just as they
were the previous day. Make changes and work towards executing them.
day starts and ends the same, change your thoughts and then work towards
actualizing your plans for each day. Each day comes with wonderfully great opportunities;
don’t let them to elude you.
for visiting this blog, and for reading my article. I’m sure that you’ve
grabbed something from this article which can help you become a better person.
Let me have your comments so that I’ll know how to improve my writing ability.
will keep writing and publishing more articles, hope you will keep visiting to
read and learn from them. My articles will help you to live and enjoy a better
and happier life.
Written By: Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot; NDJP)
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