Four (4) Deadly Mistakes Students Make During I.T. (Industrial Training) Programme

In this article, you will discover Four (4) Deadly Mistakes Students Make During I.T. (Industrial Training) Programme.

At certain level, students in some departments in
tertiary institutions are expected to go for their industrial training tagged
Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) where they gain practical
knowledge of the course they are studying.
In this article, we will unveil some mistakes students
make while on their Industrial Training (I.T.) programme.
We are so sure that this will help both prospective
and current I.T. students for a successful experience.
1) Having More
Focus On Money Than Knowledge:
It is obvious that I.T. students pay more attention on
making money than gaining knowledge while on I.T. Money must be made, that’s
necessary, but the money is not the first and primary intention of SIWES.
Your attention should be most importantly on the
knowledge. Everyone now wants to get a SIWES placement in an oil company or
high paying organization. That is a nice idea and ambition.
But make sure you use this period to gain knowledge.
The knowledge you gain during your SIWES will last longer than the money you
will ever make during this period, no matter the amount.
2) Doing
Your I.T. In An Unrelated Field:
This is another mistake students make; some do their
SIWES programme in an unrelated field. For instance, someone who is computer
science as an undergraduate, but during SIWES, s/he works as a sales girl in a
food stuff selling shop.
Where then is the knowledge she stands to gain. In
looking for a place for your Industrial Training, ensure that you look for a
place related to your field. With this, you can boast yourself of increased
knowledge after the scheme.
Nobody might query for doing your SIWES programme in a
place not related to your course of study. Some departments are so strict that
if you didn’t do your I.T. programme in a related organization, it would affect
your score during defense.
3) The Time
Is Too Short:
Sadly, many students see this period as too short and
therefore cannot do anything meaningful with the time. The short period of time
should not be the reason why you should not pay attention in getting the
practical experiences.
Let me give an instance, in the university I attended
(UNIZIK), at the end of your third year first semester, one is expected to go
for an Industrial Training which lasts six (6) months.
As such, some people think that this period is too
short and as such nothing meaningful can be achieved therein. This mindset and
mentality must change for you to learn during your SIWES.
Think about this, most times you go for holidays that
last shorter than one month. Yet you never see this one month as too short to
travel. Therefore, 4 to 6 months for SIWES is not short at all.
4) Sitting At
You won’t be surprised that many students who are due
to go for I.T. end up staying at homes doing nothing. The main reason for doing
I.T. is not just time for making money, but for getting experiences in your field
of study.
Unfortunately, many students use this period to rest
from the stress they passed through during the previous semester. This period
must fully be put into good use.
No matter how financially buoyant you are, you still
need to go for your industrial training because you need the practical
experiences; what about your Log Book which you have to submit.
And remember that if your department finds out that
you did not really go for industrial training, you will get a poor score during defense.
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