Ten (10) Essentials Things Students Should Expect, Know And Do During I.T. Period (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme – SIWES)

In this article, prospective and current I.T. (Industrial Training) students will discover ten (10) essential things they should expect, know and do during SIWES (Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme). I am sure the information contained in this post will be helpful to those concerned.

Before you continue, it’s good to remind you that SIWES (in abbreviation) means
for Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme, commonly referred to Industrial
Training (I.T.) by Universities and Polytechnics students, while those in Colleges of Education know it as Teaching Practice. 

It is a platform created to enhance students’ knowledge. In general term,
SIWES is referred to as “Internship”. The slogan for SIWES is introduced to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and
practical experiences in higher institutions. 
Thus, this scheme must be taken very serious in order to
enhance students knowledge; and that’s why it is made compulsory for every student studying certain discipline in higher institution.


Poor internship scheme contributes to the reasons why some Graduates are unemployable; I am sure you know the difference between being unemployable and being unemployed. If after the SIWES experience and you
cannot boast of an increased practical knowledge in your course of study, then I guess the scheme was
not properly utilized by you.
You will find in this article few things every student should expect during SIWES programme, notwithstanding
how short the duration might be. 
Various schools and departments have
different timing for this SIWES programme. Some universities do it twice, some once, and in some it last for a period of six months.
Polytechnics do it once and it last for a period of one year. No matter how this scheme is done in different tertiary institutions, it is aimed at achieving one goal.
Having made mention of certain important things, let us look into the few things students should expect and do during your their Industrial Training (I.T.), known as SIWES.
1) Get The Practical Knowledge You’re There For:

Since the goal of
SIWES is to bridge the gap between theory and practical experiences, then the primary focus
of every student should be to gain more practical knowledge. 
Everything is limited to the whiteboard/blackboard and your notebook, and in some cases power-point slides using projectors in In the classroom. But in
the field during of Industrial Training (SIWES programme), you are definitely going to see real and practical things
that will aid the theoretical ideas you have already gotten. 
So, pay good attention to
learning everything and anything you can learn within this few weeks and
months.When you go for your Industry Training, please pay attention, bend down and grab the practical experiences which you are there to do.
2) Build Relationship During Your I.T.: 
Building a relationship does not mean love affair (Lol). Lots of students are not aware of this, even while they are in school, they hardly build relationship; and they end up doing same while on I.T. Relationship is very important in life, not only during industrial day.
When you meet someone today, you cannot say if you could be the one who will save your life tomorrow. Sometimes, those you meet during I.T. may end up been the person to connect you to a job. 
Therefore, use the short period of time you have to build strong, beneficial and lasting relationship that
could take you farther than you widest imagination.
3) Build Connections With The Staff:
Someone may be wondering why separating this point from the one above since connection and relationships are
almost the same. But for some reasons, it’s rather separated from number 2 above. 
During the period your SIWES programme, it is advisable that you pay
attention to building strong connections that might earn you a serious
recommendation in the future. 
For instance, someone did his NYSC programme at the same place he did his I.T. programme,and later got  called
for an interview in the same place when he has never
applied for such job in the organization. 
With the connection you may have built with the members of the staff (workers), when there is any job vacancy, someone you have connected to may be the one to inform you and even help you submit your application.
If after your SIWES and
your boss cannot write a strong/encouraging recommendation for you, then you failed, so long he/she isn’t trying to be wicked. 
Therefore, during your I.T. period, you can help yourself to build a future for yourself. How do you
build connection during your SIWES? Well building connection can only be done
when your boss and other colleagues love what you do and your approach to work.
Do these few things in order to build connections.
So, we can say that building connection is with respect to what is between an I.T. student and the main/permanent workers at his/her place of industrial training.
4) Be Diligent In Your Work:
As an I.T. student, you should be diligent in your work and never be crafty. Every diligent person
ends up standing before kings. Don’t do eye-services; really do the work you are meant to do, and if there is need to do more, and you know you can be able to carry out the extra duties.
5) Be Humble, Obedient And
Respectful To Authority:
As a student on his/her I.T., you must obey every authority if you
want nice recommendations and connections from them. Nobody will ever recommend
someone who always disobeys him. 
Feel free to run errands whenever
you are asked to. If you are asked to run any errand, make sure you do it
well without complaining. Also make sure you do it at the right time, and do not see it as a punishment. Be humble, you should be humble because almost all members of the staff in that office are graduates. Don’t be
proud, don’t be puffed up, remain submissive.

You are not just on I.T. for the practical experience in your field alone; you are also expected to adapt to the organizational system, which will prepare you for the time to come after your graduation when you will start to work as full-time worker.
6) Taking Permissions When You Ought To:
This is very essential and important; your Industrial based I.T. supervisor may not be a harsh kind of person, but you should not use because of his/her kind and jovial nature to misbehave. 
Make sure you go to work early and never leave before closing hour without taking permission from appropriate authority. Always be punctual to work.
Never allow your boss to come to work before you except in rare cases.
In addition, take permission
anytime you will not be at work; it is very important. Don’t allow anyone to call you and ask you why
you did not come to work any day. If you will not be around,
inform your the management when due.
7) Do Not Put Much
Emphasis On Money:

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This is a very serious case for many I.T. students; almost every I.T. student wants to be attached to where he/she will be paid.

If you put much interest on money, you will tend to lose the money
that you ought to get in the future through your boss recommendations. Nobody
can recommend a greedy, stingy and covetous person for any job.
8) Doing Extra/Additional Works:
Feel free to work more than
they want, but that does not mean you should be pushing yourself into doing even the ones that should not be done by you. 
Many people are moved when you bribe them. During your SIWES, hard
work should be the bribe you give to your boss and colleagues; that is, what you use in getting necessary favours from him/her when due.
9) Be Creative, Innovative And Reasonable:
Help with suggestions and ideas that will move the
organization forward. If you can do that as an I.T. student, then your supervisor will
know that you can do better as a staff. That is how people are been retained or called back after their I.T. and/or NYSC programmes.
Be involved, get yourself involved in almost everything the company/organization does, depending
on the extent to which the company allows. Do not just wait until you are
called. Just see yourself as part of the organization, as if you are a full-time staff.
10) Work Experience:
This is the major aim you have gone for the industrial training; if you didn’t gain the experience, then what did you gain?
Work experience is another important
thing to look out for during industrial training. This work experience can help
boost your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and in turn improve your chances of getting employed. 
Don’t forget that you must defend your IT when your department deems fit. So do not waste
anytime at all. Use this medium as a platform to get good job experience. 
You may get a recommendation for a job after your NYSC or even I.T. programme. I have seen polytechnic students who did’t go back to complete their HND programme after their one year I.T., because the organizations are reluctant to let them go; although some stay back because of money. 
You never can tell anything about tomorrow, so make sure you do your
very best at all times and in all places while you are on I.T..
processes and activities If you are fully involved in the SIWES scheme, you
will learn about organization, their processes and activities. With this, you
will be able to know if you can fit in in the future or not. 
I am sure that whoever that read this article till the end must have learnt something. I took my time to gather this information online, read every bit of it, and published it to help I.T. students.
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