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“The Most Important Thing A Fresh Graduate Needs Upon Graduation Is Not Money, But This…” Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot) Reveals; (Find Out As You Read More)

In this article, Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu, who is
popularly known as The Inspirational Parrot or NDJP, has revealed to us that
the most important thing a fresh Graduate needs upon his/her graduation is not
actually money, but something you will definitely find out as you keep reading.

I am sure that most people would be like “What is this one talking about?”, “Is he well at all?” or “Is he not in this same planet with us?”
and so many other comments; but if you can reason this like someone with
wisdom, you will agree with me that I am right by the time you must have read
this article half way down.
I will advise you to always read my articles with
wisdom and with philosophical mind, because I write in a way that at times
lowbrows may end up misunderstanding my own point of view.
First of all, kindly let go of sentimental thoughts in
your mind, okay, everyone needs money, just as rising Nigerian hiphop musician,
Victor AD, said in his hit track “Wetin You Gain”:
“if you no make money, wetin you gain…”.
My dear, Victor AD is right, because the end product
of every hustle (be it business-wise or education-wise) is to make money (“ego”
in Igbo Language). And it is really pitiful and shameful to see someone who has
gone to the university and acquired lots of certificate, yet he/she has no
Listen, you need money as a fresh Graduate, but that’s
not the most important thing to go for first. So chill and keep reading and you
should know that money does not just come like that. Just keep reading, okay.
I won’t make this article lengthy so that I won’t
waste that precious time you just brought out to be here to find out what I,
Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspiration Parrot), think is the most important
As a fresh Graduate, the most important thing you need
is not money, but how to make money, what to do to make money; and you should
know that the summary of everything centers on getting a job/work; you need
something to be doing that will fetch you that money you have in mind.
I am not forgetting to let you know that when you come
across job vacancies, you will definitely see that job experiences of not less
than two years are required of applicants.
Let me remind you again that I am not saying that you
don’t need money as a fresh Graduate, but that it is not the most important
thing a fresh Graduate should need.
I urge you to go and get some experiences even or
after your one year NYSC programme; and mind you that experiences don’t come
when you sit idly at home chatting and eating.
As a fresh Graduate, your brain, knowledge, and skills
are still fresh; hence you still need to gather more experiences as you go into
the ‘labour market’.
So, to recapitulate my point in this article; I
Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot) enjoin you to go get some
job experiences, which must not be limited to the course you studied in the
higher institution.
Trust me; even a fresh Graduate who has plans to go
into business of any kind must surely need experiences in that line of
business, so that success can be achieved at the end.
You need money, but how to make money and what to do
to make money is the most important thing a fresh graduate needs upon
graduation. You need those experiences that will help you to make money are the
most important thing a fresh Graduate needs upon graduation.
I love to spot out things more specifically. Someone
may ask “isn’t money required when
someone want to get job or business experiences?”
; my dear, money is
needed, but the amount of money involved is my concern.
When you have so much interest in money, you may
forget about getting more experiences, but once you get more experiences, you
are paving your way to making more money.
Everyone needs money, undergraduates, fresh graduates
and old graduates, including those who couldn’t make it to the higher
institution. But there must be something you need to be doing so that the money
will come.
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you may be lucky to secure one through our updates.
I still remain your humble friend, advisor, and
motivator, Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot). Keep coming to
this site for more of my inspiring, insightful, educational, life-changing, and
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