A Clarion Call To The Great People Of Abagana: “Let Us Make Abagana Unity Cup Bigger, Better & Positively Different” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

A Clarion Call To The Great People Of Abagana: “Let Us Make Abagana Unity Cup Bigger, Better & Positively Different” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

A Clarion Call To The Great People Of Abagana: “Let Us Make Abagana Unity Cup Bigger, Better & Positively Different” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

A Clarion Call To The Great People Of Abagana: “Let Us Make Abagana Unity Cup Bigger, Better & Positively Different” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

A popular Philosopher once said that stupidity is doing same thing same way and be expecting a different result. Neither are my good people of Abagana stupid nor were our ancestors.


This is a clarion call to all the great sons and daughters of Abagana Community, home and abroad, on the need to make Abagana Unity Cup bigger, better, and positively different.

Abagana Unity Cup has not improved, yes it has not, and quote me anywhere for saying so; if you say that there is improvement in the annual tournament, please let me know.

The Football league has been going the same way each year in the past, yet we were expecting something different; how do we think that can be possible?

Is it that the clipper is blunt, or that the barber is inexperienced? What are the organizers of this great football tournament in Abagana and in Njikoka doing to make the annual tournament in the great town of Abagana better?

“Abagana Bu Enyi”, we proudly acclaim; but our league has gone so bad and poor that it looks that a cat and rat play; because we don’t want to seek ideas and suggestions to revive the league.

I have not only witnessed or watched Abagana Unity Cup, I have also participated in the league right from when I was a teen, because I have unquestionable enthusiasm for Football as a sporting activity.

Let me not go on to talk about the prizes involved; what about the state of the pitches; I am not forgetting the poor officiating of this tournament.

Abagana Unity Cup (commonly known as “Abagana December League”) no longer drive marmot crowd as it used to be 8 to 10 years ago. This time around while a match is been played, one would be wondering if it is the ever cherished Abagana December League that is taking place.

“Abagana nwelu mmadu”, we have people with riches and those with wonderfully great and beneficial ideas; but it seems that we don’t value each person according to what he/she can offer.

Those who have riches should contribute their riches; while those who have wisdom/ideas should also bring them out, “onye o bula weputa nke onwelu, maka na nke onye nwelu ka o ji ka ibe ya”.

Nobody has it all; we are the head of Njikoka but within us we are divided; we don’t want to bring everyone together to improve this league.

We play politics and truancy in everything, even in our own Football league which is meant to bring Ndị Abagana together and help keep the town warm during Christmas season.

I won’t waste time to hit hammer on the nail’s head. I am not here to lament over the poor nature of Abagana Unity Cup over the years, but to unveil my own suggestions or rather ideas on how to make this league (Abagana Unity Cup) better, bigger, & outstanding.

In my own opinion (maka na uche onye adi njo), I am so sure that most of us watch English Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, German Bundesliga, our own Nigerian League.

Yet most of us have not even watched it live in the studio, but we still follow it, especially now that internet has taken over. We can even check live scores, watch match highlights, check league tables, see members of each team (Team Squad), and so on.

All of these leagues mentioned in the above paragraph and other leagues have histories and documentaries of the winners, awarded players, among other things, which we can still read up even on the internet.

But Abagana Unity Cup does not have such documentaries and/or histories archived somewhere. So, this time around I need us to take this our great league to the internet media.

We can do the same thing in Abagana Unity Cup, how much would it cost that Abagana won’t afford when one legendary icon from Abagana single-handedly sponsored a league in which winning
team would go home with a whopping sum of one million Nair (N1,000,000)?

We can document online the names of all the teams participating in the league, their members, sponsors, age of players, how many seasons a player has featured in the league. So many things which can be done, by simply taking this league to the internet.

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The league table can also be made available on the internet so that anyone can be able to see surf the internet and see how far the league has been going. After each match, name of goal scorers, man of the match, etc. will be made available online.

Highlights can be posted online after each match (I can expatiate further on this one when called upon). I know that we are not in Europe where live updates are giving as matches are ongoing; but without that, same can be achieved here if necessary provisions are made for such to be done.

Even if we don’t give live updates, we can still give after-match updates, latest one hour or two hours after each match and before the next match.

Taking this league online has so many advantages and little or no disadvantages. One of these cornucopia of advantages include exposing and selling football youngsters to football

This may even go a long way to attracting them to be live at the football pitches; and I am sure it would be a great news that after each tournaments, some players will be signed into football clubs in and outside Nigeria.

Taking Abagana Unity Cup online will make it possible for our brothers and sisters living in Diaspora to follow the league as anyone can access the online updates from anywhere in the world.

Just imagine how it would look like when people go online to read up details about each match, each team, each player, goal scorers, man of the match, league tables, highest goal scorer of
the tournament, best player of the tournament, winners of the league and
runners-up, and so on.

There is so much to mention and elucidate concerning this idea of mine; but in order not to bore readers with
lengthy words, I will be cutting it short at this point.

I am always ready to come and make more clarifications about this whenever I am invited by the organizing committee or any individual or group of individuals.

This is a wonderful task/feature that if incorporated into Abagana Unity Cup will make the league wonderfully better, bigger, and different from those of the past years and from those leagues played in other communities.

To understand the power and the effect taking this league to the internet will bring, just go to Google and search for the team “Nso United Football Club”; Nso United Football Club is one of the teams that have featured in Abagana Unity Cup and two-time Champions.

I remain my humble self, a legendary son of Abagana Community who is ever ready to contribute to the progress and success of Abagana Community.

My late father, Chief Pius Nwa for Asiegbu (Ozo Nwayo) contributed positively and immensely to the progress, success and peaceful existence of Abagana Community.

So, following his footprints won’t be a bad move for me, as I have chosen to start mine this way.

A Clarion Call To The Great People Of Abagana: “Let Us Make Abagana Unity Cup Bigger, Better & Positively Different” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

NDJP The Inspirational Parrot

Written By:
Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu
(NDJP, The Inspirational Parrot)

BSc. Applied Biochemistry, UNIZIK


Contact: 08037834016; [email protected]

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