Grammar: Simple Difference Between The Words “Expatiate” And “Expatriate”

Difference Between The Words Expatriate And Expatiate

Difference Between The Words Expatriate And Expatiate

Simple Difference Between The Words “Expatiate” And “Expatriate”

In this short article, I will explain the simple difference between the two words “Expatiate” and “Expatriate”, as many use one in place of the other.


In most cases, people use “expatriate” in place of “expatiate”, but both of them are neither synonymous or antonymous.

“Expatiate” and “expatriate” do not belong to the same parts of speech; one is verb while the other is verb.

Don’t worry, you are about to find out the simple difference between both words.

Both words sounds alike and contain almost the same letters, except that “expatriate” has alphabet ‘r’ after the first ‘t’ in the word.

Okay, it time for us to take a look at each words to point out where each differs from the other.


The word “expatiate” is a noun. It means “a person who lives outside his/her native country.


The word “expatiate” is a verb. It means “to speak or write at length or in detail about” something or somebody.

I am sure that you have learnt something so far in this online class.

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Let me further make the difference clearer.

You can be an expatriate so long you are not living in your native country.

You expatiate on something or somebody, by providing lengthy or enough information about the thing or person.

It’s substantial to let you know that “expatiate” is NEVER the same with “expantiate” if only the latter exists.

I doubt if there is any word like “expantiate”. It’s just that some people wrongly pronounced the word “expatiate” as “expantiate”.

At this juncture, we will end it, till next week when we shall look at another two English words that people do use in place of the other.

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I am not a grammarian, but my desire to learn more ignited my desire to start up this programme which is educative and informative.

Till next week for the next edition of the programme, I remain Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu, popularly known as The Inspirational Parrot.

To prove that you have understood what we learnt today, please use the words “expatriate” and “expatiate” to form sentences that are grammatically correct.

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