Laugh Your Ribs Out With These Six (6) Short Funny Jokes (Number 2, 3, & 6 Made My Day)

These Ten (10) Short Funny Jokes Would Make You Laugh Till You Pee On Your Body! (Wacky Wednesday With The Inspirational Parrot #3)

Laugh Your Ribs Out With These Six (6) Short Funny Jokes (Number 2, 3, & 6 Made My Day)

Laugh Your Ribs Out With These Six (6) Short Funny Jokes (Number 2, 3, & 6 Made My Day)

Laugh Your Ribs Out With These Six (6) Short Funny Jokes: Here I (The Inspirational Parrot) come with another set of funny short jokes to make you laugh away worries of life.

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This time around, I shared six (6) ‘brimokpokponkitantacious‘ short funny jokes; wait, are you thinking about the grammar “brimokpokponkitantacious“? Ah! You shouldn’t think about it oooo; na so one Oyibo man ran mad for just trying to pronounce the word “brimokpokponkitantacious“. Lol!

Don’t forget that in one of my previous posts, I shared Ten (10) Short Funny Jokes You Shouldn’t Afford To Miss; and many contacted me personally requesting more.

In this set of short funny jokes, the numbers that made my day are: 2, 3, & 6. Read them below and tell me which one made you laugh uncontrollably.

1) I no dey fit sleep again oooo! Maybe the spirits if the fowls I murdered are hunting me. Lol…

2) Can’t believe that after one (1) week and few days of sending cards worth 2k to her; I went back and loaded it and it entered successfully. Meaning she doesn’t even read my messages. Not my fault oooo! I don’t love what I hate oooo. hahahahahahahahahahaha

3) I want to cook Yoruba stew today, even the chicken would be shouting “pepper oooo!”.

4) I told my girlfriend I’ll like to have 6 kids when I get married, and she shouted: “Ahhh! Baby that’s too much”. In my mind I was like: “What’s doing this one kwa; are you my wife”. hahahahahahahahahahaha

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5) One thing I enjoy doing is “separating women’s fight. Don’t dare ask me why because that is the only time you get to hold any part of their body without complaining. Lol!

6) Keep playing your boyfriend as football… Let another girl catch him like goalkeeper… My sister, you will regret watching HIGHLIGHTS.

I hope you are feeling my short funny jokes? I am not done with the jokes I have in store. You go laugh tire.

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Don’t forget that I’m still The Inspirational Parrot.

See you some other time, keep in touch as more short funny jokes are in store.

No need to go away from this site; what you have not read on this site is so many. Enjoy your surfing.


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