Love: Here Are The Top Four (4) Nigerian Celebrity Breakups That Happened In 2018 (See Photos & Details)

Juliet Mgborukwe and Chima Ojukwu

2018 Celebrity Breakups Stories

Love: Here Are The Top Four (4) Nigerian Celebrity Breakups That Happened In 2018 (See Photos & Details)

Here Are The Top Four (4) Nigerian Celebrity Breakups That Happened In 2018: In this documentary/article, we are going to reveal top four (4) 2018 Nigerian celebrity breakups.


In 2018, some Nigerian celebrity couples could not stay together and have had to depart and go their separate ways. Now, we come with some of their breakup stories.

Remember that while some celebrities were busy finding love, some rekindling their already existing love life, a few of them break up with their partners in the year 2018.

In the previous years, we had a lot of celebrity couples had breakups and in some cases in messy circumstances, this year (2018) was a bit laid back when it came to celebrity couple breakups. However, some celebrities were caught in messy separation scandals and we will take a look at them.

We detailed these celebrity breakups stories with some of them ending up in mutual consent while for others it was it was something else all together.

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Let us take a look at four celebrity couples who broke up in 2018:

1. Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim

Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim

When Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim started dating back in 2018, everyone loved the idea and they looked inseparable. From getting matching tattoos to kissing during live interviews, we all thought these guys were going to be the next Banky W and Adesua Etomi waiting to happen.

Well, by mid-2018, our predictions were beginning to look look bleak. Alas! it didn’t take long before we began to notice cracks in the relationship.
First was the weirdly usual thing couples do when there is a rift, delete photos on social media. It didn’t end there, when the pressure began to mount on Juliet Ibrahim, she finally came out to announce that she was single. Iceberg Slim then took to his Instagram page where he posted subliminal messages which were followed by that of Juliet who called him a narcissist.

2. Rita Nzelu and Simeon Okeke

Anita Iseghohi and Tom Iseghohi

If you are an 80s or early 90s baby then the name Rita Nzelu most certainly rings a bell. She is known for her acting prowess back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She, however, took a break from acting after getting married to Simeon Okeke to focus on her family. Not so much was held about her until 2018 when the news of her marriage collapse broke the Internet.

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In May 2018, reported that Rita Nzelu and her husband, Simeon Okeke had called it quits. According to them, the marriage ended after the actress’ husband refused her return back to the entertainment industry after a long break. There were also reports of infidelity between both parties. It got really messy that Rita returned her bride price to the family of her ex-husband which they confirmed to have received.

3. Anita Iseghohi and Tom Iseghohi

Rita Nzelu and Simeon Okeke

At the beginning of this article, we stated that some of the celebrity breakups of 2018 ended in a mutual manner. That, exactly is what played out when former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, 2004 edition, Anita Iseghohi announced the end of her union with top executive husband, Tom Iseghohi.

The former beauty queen took to her Instagram page in November 2018 where she revealed that her 11 years marriage to the former MD of Transcorp Corporation had ended. The major reason for the split isn’t known yet but she said it was done after a lot of thought and consideration. The union is blessed with three children.

4. Juliet Mgborukwe and Chima Ojukwu

Juliet Mgborukwe and Chima Ojukwu

The separation between Juliet Mgborukwe and her ex-husband has got to be the messiest celebrity breakup of the year. The drama that ensued the breakup is one which can be side to be embarrassing. Juliet Mgborukwe rose to stardom when she was a presenter at Soundcity TV before joining Nollywood.

The news of their divorce first broke the Internet in July 2018 with photos of a badly bruised Juliet. This went on for days as she revealed how she was allegedly assaulted by her husband in their matrimonial home. While Juliet was busy pointing accusing fingers at her ex-husband, he too had another side of the story to tell. Chima Ojukwu who married Juliet back in 2011 said she was cheating on him while they were still married. It didn’t end there, he went to reveal how she was even assaulted by one of her lovers.

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