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Ten (10) Short Funny Jokes You Shouldn’t Afford To Miss (Number 1, 4, 7, 9 & 10 Off Me)

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Ten (10) Short Funny Jokes You Shouldn't Afford To Miss

Ten (10) Short Funny Jokes You Shouldn’t Afford To Miss (Number 1, 4, 7, 9 & 10 Off Me)

Ten (10) Short Funny Jokes You Shouldn’t Afford To Miss: Here are ten (10) short funny jokes you shouldn’t afford to miss, number 1, 4, 7, 9 & 10 off me, I swear.

Enjoy them below, and feel free to tell us which number(s) off you.

1) If your boyfriend tells you on phone: “Come if you want to come nah”; my sister, no need to argue it, you are very single and I’m sorry.

2) I though I’ve seen it all, not until I saw a kid sucking his mother’s breast with a meat pie on his hands. hahahahahahahahaha

3) My sister, when he says: “I know you have a boyfriend”, sister, abeg run, I say just run oooo.

4) For the first time in the history of Christmas girls refuse to enter jeep. is God not a miracle worker?

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5) December is very fun; you go out to buy recharge, you come back drunk. Lol!

6) Any girl you spend so much on, there is no need to be calling her “baby” or “love”; just call her “My Expenses”. Hahahahahahahahaha

7) My shout-outs to all the chicken that lost their lives during Christmas for our happiness. They are the ‘real heroes’.

8) I thought village girls are cheap ooooo! Walahi! Village girls are the hardest to get. Argue with your ancestors.

9) Envy no woman, her designers clothes may look good, but her panties might have holes. Girls am I lying? hahahahahahahahaha; abeg na joke ooooo. Before The Inspirational parrot go lose his babe.

10) S*x shouldn’t last for more than 25 minutes; if she doesn’t cum, she can cum on her way home. Don’t kill yourself my brother. (Burst my brain).

I am sure that you have smiled after reading these short funny jokes; I am The Inspirational Parrot, and I am here to put smiles on your face through short funny jokes I will be bringing from time to time.

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Do well to be checking this site for subsequent short funny jokes. There are so many of them.

Oya, tell me, which one make you laugh the most?

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