It is no longer a hypothesis, neither is it just a theory, but a proven fact that the sun which is at the center of the solar system rises from the east and sets in the west.



Same case is seen all over the world except in a country called Nigeria located in West Africa, when it comes to governance and politics.

I am not going to write so many words in order to clearly explain what I mean by saying that “The Sun Rises from the East except in Nigeria”. I will go straight to the point, and I will make sure that even a lowbrow will grab what I am talking about.

Also, bear it in mind that no person or any political group sponsored or is sponsoring this particular write-up. I wrote it at my own will, hence I chose to publish it through this renowned platform that has only been discovered and visited by lucky few.

By now, you should have been in the know of the various happenings in Nigeria of recent and in the far past, politically, religiously and otherwise.

In Nigeria, the sun which denotes political development only rises from the North instead of the East which we all know, most especially in the present government in the country.

Most of the economic and political developments in the present Nigeria are taking place in the Northern or are going to the Northerners mostly; in fact, they are all restricted to the Northern part of Nigeria.

Take a look at those occupying top positions in Nigerian government: please who are they – Easterners, Westerners, Southerners or Northerners? Answer it yourself.

Where is the one Nigeria? One cannot be a whole number when it is in fractional form. Where is the restructuring? Should a country where justice and fairness exist be talking about restructuring?

How many of Dangote’s industries are located in the Eastern part of Nigeria?
Assuming he has some of his factories in every geopolitical zone in Nigeria, his long vehicles would not have been plying the busy and dilapidated roads and be having accidents, killing people and damaging properties; not even that the roads are under good conditions.

If only the government could let the sun to rise from its normal place, which is the East, then peace would rein. Let me ask: is the deployment of soldiers to the Southeast of the country part of the restructuring? Just asking. There is a great dichotomy between a politician and a leader and that’s the problem in Nigeria.

The nation Nigeria has more politicians than leaders; hence things are not going in the right ways they should. They are so good in playing politics, but they are not good in leading the people.

It doesn’t matter the part of the country that gave the president the highest number of votes during election. Before and during election, the president was a politician; but once the election was over, he should have the lineaments of good leader who is upholding an egalitarian society. The world has grown wiser, and some things need not even a long period of time to be taken care of.

I am not in support of the retaliation by the assumed IPOB members in the Southeast, though something brought about that, the same way I am not in support of the decision of the Federal Government of Nigeria, deploying soldiers to the Southeast of Nigeria, and I am against every inhumane act that took place, both the ones carried out by the soldiers and the ones by the assumed IPOB members.

Python dance operation should not be turned into oppression. Pythons should also dance in the North; it is not only in the Southeast that there are security threats.

Let the right things be done, and let them be done aright. Get the youths engaged with meaningful activities, you cannot throw out bones to the dogs and still fight the spirits for their behalf.

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If I, for instance, haven’t been able to sit down and think out the content of this piece; maybe I would be one of those in the street causing havoc.

For the South-Eastern Governors, you are really caring for your people and trying your best and I am thanking you all; you really tried by quickly holding a meeting to proscribe IPOB and ban their activities (una well done!); what an eye service.

I don’t know if your colleagues in the South-South had done such meeting so as to proscribe Niger-Delta Militants? Maybe those governors in the North had had meeting(s) also in order to proscribe Boko Haram and Arewa youths?

How I wish South-East governors do have meetings as often as possible on how to bring political and economic developments down to the East; and how to move the youths out of the street by engaging them into meaningfully crime-free activities.

Let us be truthful to ourselves, let us stop chasing flies away from the wound we have refused to treat so as to have it (the wound) healed; rather we add salt into it (the wound).

Maybe after reading this, instead of finding ways to make things better, instead of trying to engage the youths (whom I am one of them) into meaningful activities; they would come around to arrest me for writing this.

It is a pity that we are in a country where mere criticisms are more threatening than embezzlement. We should be allowed to wisely and judiciously criticize our leaders when necessary because it is through such apt criticisms that a government should be able to know where they are not doing it right.

Let us (the youths) say our minds, or are we not the so-called leaders of tomorrow that never comes to reality? Why inflicting on us things that get us stuck in the miry bog of sorrows?

The pains resulting from the conditions the government keeps the youths of Nigeria into, especially those in the South-East and South-South of the country, have gone deep beyond their bone marrows.

Let the sun rise from the East, during its course of rotation, then it would shine unto the North and South, before setting in the West.

To those clamouring for a sovereign Biafra Nation; let us take cue from what happened in South Africa during the time of Nelson Mandela, and in America during the time of Martin Luther King Junior. I am not much good in telling histories, but I read and grab the stories bit by bit.

Non-violent retaliation or resistance should be our weapon. Why killing those Northerners selling sugarcane and tiger nuts in the streets of South-East who have no investments down here, most of them are even innocent?

When your brothers in the North are to be slain, men of substance are the ones killed, and most of them have investments over there which may be destroyed in the course of the retaliation.

Apply diplomacy in your agitations. Many had agitated for Sovereign Biafra Nation in the past; remember that if you failed to succeed this time around (unfortunately maybe); others need to start up from where you would stop. All of us need not to die in day. Let us remember that WAR takes everything back to its RAW state.

Lastly, if the Federal Government of Nigeria does not want to give everybody the right accrued to him/her, they should let them be on their own. You should not refuse to keep moving and also refuse to stay off the way for others to pass.

Thanks for reading, and I know I may not have written what you really desire to read, but I tried to sound innocuous and strike a balance. Pick up a pen and paper and pen down your feelings.

Written By: Asiegbu, Chinonso Emmanuel [NDJP].

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