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Insight Of The Day: Today’s Insight Focuses On “Giving/Charity”, From Bob Proctor (Author & Speaker)

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Insight Of The Day By The Inspirational Parrot On TRENDSOFLEGENDS

Insight Of The Day: Today’s Insight Focuses On “Giving/Charity”, From Bob Proctor (Author & Speaker)

Today’s insights is from Bob ProctorAuthor & Speaker. Today’s insight focuses on Giving/Charity.

I hope that you will learn something that will help you to be a better and greater person in life from today’s insights.

Below comes today’s insight from the world renowned Author & Speaker, Bob Proctor:

“The people who learn to give simultaneously learn to live.”
– Bob Proctor
(Author & Speaker)

Insights And Quotes On Giving & Charity By Bob Proctor (Author & Speaker)

Giving is one of the ways of paving your way to success; not just giving, but giving generously and wholeheartedly.

We should learn to be giving, because the Bible made it clear that through giving, we attract increase.

From this day, learn to give, and when people you have given failed to appreciate you for your generosity, do not let that to encumber you from giving to others.

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The rewards of giving may not necessary come directly from the receiver or dependent on the amount you have given. It all depends on the state of your psyche while giving and your reason for giving.

I hope that you will find it worthy from today to be giving. There are many ways of giving, it must not necessarily through financial means. This particular programme is also a way of giving.

You can only give what you can afford; don’t give against your wish/wish or giving to please people or for mere attraction of praises from people.

May God grant all of us the spirit of giving generously, Amen.

I will return tomorrow with another life-inspiring insight from another world renowned Legend.

Thanks for being part of today’s insight; I hope that you won’t miss tomorrow’s insight.

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I am The Inspirational Parrot (Anchor of this inspiring programme). I will also love to hear from you about this programme; your comments will help me to know how to improve this programme.

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Credit: Proctor Gallagher Institute

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