My First 2019 Motivational Message To The World: “I Experienced Series Of ‘HEARTBREAKS’ In 2018” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

My First 2019 Motivational Message To The World: "I Experienced Series Of ‘HEARTBREAKS’ In 2018" - Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

My First 2019 Motivational Message To The World: "I Experienced Series Of ‘HEARTBREAKS’ In 2018" - Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)
Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

My First 2019 Motivational Message To The World: “I Experienced Series Of ‘HEARTBREAKS’ In 2018” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

Here is my first motivational message to the world in this 2019 which I have foreseen as a year of better and greater life, a year of immense success and greatness. This motivational message won’t be lengthy (I promise); as I tried to make it as brief as possible making sure my message to the world is clear.

In the year 2018, I experienced series of ‘HEARTBREAKS‘, which almost ruined my life, zeal, happiness, and can-do spirit; but to God be the Glory, I didn’t give up amidst all the challenges, worries, and troubles I encountered last year.

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I experienced numerous heartbreaks in 2018; someone may be wondering what those heartbreaks I am talking about are. It might surprise you that what you may be considering as heartbreaks ain’t what I have considered as heartbreaks.

Don’t be in a hurry, relax as this short motivational message is for you and the rest of the world whom I am born to motivate and inspire.

Being alive today is enough reason for me to write this motivational message for the world to read, not to get pitied for my series of heartbreaks in 2018, but to motivate, encourage and spur on everyone to keep working hard and hoping in God for a better life in this year 2019.

Before I go on with my first motivational message, let me share this experience of mine with you…

On the night of 31st December 2018, I was busy thinking, lots of uncommon thoughts flooded my mind, and one of them was the thought of dying that same night without beholding the morning of 1st January 2019.

I am sure that most of us don’t even consider thinking about death, talk more of doing so on the night of 31st December.

I did so, and I must be sincere, it was not that easy for me, but such thought helped me to do a deep reflection on the night of December 31st.

Thinking of dying that night reminds me that lots of people died in 2018, and  I made up my mind to do my best in 2019, to make the best use of life in 2019.

Finally, I strongly declared that the good Lord who kept me alive throughout 2018 will make it possible for me to see the brightness of the first day of year 2019, and here I am today hale and hearty; and I deemed it worthy to prepare a motivational message to the world.

Now, what are those HEARTBREAKS I experienced in 2018?

Those ‘HEARTBREAKS’ are not those ones pertinent to LOVE or RELATIONSHIP; they are those plans and business ideas of mine that didn’t work out in 2018.

In 2018, I came up with lots of business plans and ideas of which most of them failed to work out successfully. Those experiences were what I considered the HEARTBREAKS I experienced in the year 2018.

Do you know what? Those plans failed, but I am not the one who failed. I learnt my lessons from such undesired expectations; and I will make sure that I apply those lessons I learnt as I bring up new and/or modified business plans and ideas in this 2019.

I don’t know what your own HEARTBREAKS were in 2018; I don’t know how many times you were heartbroken in 2018; I don’t even know what or who broke your heart in 2018.

But I am assuring you that this year 2019 is a year of breaking the hearts of whatever challenges or troubles that broke your heart in 2018.

For those of you like myself who got heartbroken by failed plans and investments, I encourage you never to give up. Get rid of the fear of failing again this 2019. 2018 had come and gone, and here is the year 2019.

So, be motivated, hyper-motivated and be focused on your dreams and goals, and they will all come to fruition at the end.

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For those whose heartbreaks in 2018 were from people, love/relationship. Let go of whoever that broke your heart in 2018, and focus on building a better and greater life this 2019.

Maybe someone made a promise to you but was not able to fulfill his or her promise to you; do not let them weigh you down. Get up from the floor of regrets and disappointments and keep moving. This year will be better and greater.

My humble advice to you is to be more meticulous this year, and do well to apply every lesson you have learnt from last year’s HEARTBREAKS. And I urge you to pray God to guide and guard you this year so that you won’t experience much HEARTBREAK.

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Although we are meant to be optimistic, but it is substantial to remind you that from time to time in our lives this year 2019, we may experience challenges; that’s why we ought to prepare ourselves at all times to face and surmount the challenges whenever they surface in our lives this year 2019.

I know that I am known for my inspiring nature, but you may not believe it if I had told you that I myself at times get demoralized, and motivation is what keeps me going in life.

Just motivation (all alone) cannot give you money or put food on your table. But motivation coupled with necessary actions will pave way for your success in whatever you are into.

Motivation has led me to the stage/level I am today, because I didn’t just get motivated and sit back doing nothing; I got motivated to do something useful, to do things which added values to my life and those of other people.

Last year, we heard of many cases of suicide, of which you will agree with me that some of the cases resulted from critical depression.

Here we are today, alive, hale and hearty. It is not that we were not depressed at all last year; but we were able to overcome the depression when it came; and our own cases of depression were not as critical as those of people who ended up taking their own lives.

God kept you and I alive today (this 2019) to be sources of motivation to people out there. Don’t just read my own motivational message and go away, feel free to share this message with others, and also endeavour to prepare your own motivational message to the world and give it a topic of your choice.

Thanks for visiting to read up my first motivational message to the world in the year 2019; I am so happy that you are one of those who are able to read up this motivational message of mine, and I look forward to reaching more people from now till the end of the year 2019.

I still remain my humble self and your inspiring friend Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot); I am the Founder of this platform (TRENDSOFLEGENDS).

From time to time, I will be publishing inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and life-changing posts on this website.

Before then, you can still feel free to Check Out Those Motivating, Encouraging, And Life-Changing Posts I Have Published On This Website So Far.

Do not leave without dropping your own HEARTBREAKS in the year 2018; purge your mind of those hurts you felt from the HEARTBREAKS by sharing your own experiences with us.



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