“2023 Promise of President to Ndi Igbo Is Important, But 2019 Vice President Slot to Ndi Igbo Is ‘Importanter’…” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

“2023 Promise of President to Ndi Igbo Is Important, But 2019 Vice President Slot to Ndi Igbo Is ‘Importanter’...” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

“2023 Promise of President to Ndi Igbo Is Important, But 2019 Vice President Slot to Ndi Igbo Is ‘Importanter’...” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

“2023 Promise of President to Ndi Igbo Is Important, But 2019 Vice President Slot to Ndi Igbo Is ‘Importanter’…” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

“2023 Promise of President to Ndi Igbo Is Important, But 2019 Vice President Slot to Ndi Igbo Is ‘Importanter’…” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu: In this article, I have unveiled why Ndi Igbo should value the Vice Presidential slot giving to them by PDP more than the promise of President in 2023 by APC.


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For how long would they keep making promises of President to Ndi Igbo, since when, and till when? The one we have now is better than the one we are promised to be given tomorrow; tomorrow is pregnant, no one knows what she would deliver.

Ndi Igbo needs to be wise, Igbo tribe is known for great wisdom and deep sense of reasoning; I still don’t understand why we would be so naive to be giving to certain things.

Nobody should pay attention to anyone who comes to Igbo Land asking for the support of Ndi Igbo all in the name of promising Presidency to Ndi Igbo in 2023.

What Ndi Igbo should care for right now is what the person has done for Ndi Igbo and what he/she is doing for Ndi Igbo at the moment.

2023 is still four good years ahead, that’s, many tomorrows therein. Not the tomorrow (next day), but almost thousands of tomorrows before we will get to 2023. How can we be so sure that such would finally be done.

Promising us of President come 2023 is very important, but giving the slot of Vice President to Ndi Igbo in 2019 general election is “importanter”. Why not give Ndi Igbo that slot of President in the upcoming general election? Why wait till 2023.

They will say that Ndi Igbo are not segregated, yet they never care to prove that to us; one of the ways to prove that Igbo tribe are not placed aside in Nigerian government at National level is by choosing a Presidential candidate from the Igbo race.

I am not trying to say that Ndi Igbo accepting the slot of Vice President (come 2019 general election) is placing us so low. Half bread they say is better than none.

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That does not meant we are accepting a lower echelon, because there is nothing wrong in Ndi Igbo having Vice Presidential slot in 2019, and still have Presidential slot in 2023 presidential election.

Vice President in 2019 is far better than the conditional promise of President in 2023. Ndi Igbo, “sakwaanu anya unu na mmiri; ka anyi ghalu I no na mmiri, ncha a na-aba anyi n’anya”.

I, Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (NDJP, The Inspirational Parrot), pray to live longer to behold the 2023 general election and see what would be of it.

Till then, I enjoin ‘umunne mu Ndi Igbo’ to think wisely before casting your votes for anyone in the 2019 general election in the country.

Even as some of us are clamouring for a sovereign Biafra Republic; it is a good idea, but we have to take it easy as that can only be achieved gradually. And for now, “ka anyi zotagonu oke anyi na Nigeria tupu Biafra abia na mmezu”.

Long live Ndi Igbo!
Long Live Nigeria!
Long Live to All of Those Who Seek for the Success and Well-being of Ndi Igbo!!!

An Igbo adage goes thus: “Echi di ime, anyi amaghi ihe o ga-amuputa”, (Tomorrow is pregnant; we don’t know what she is going to deliver).

Let every promise of Presidency to Ndi Igbo begin today, or they should wait till 2023 to get the support of Ndi Igbo; because such promises had been made so many times in the past, and here we are today without any of them been fulfilled.


I am still your humble friend; Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (NDJP; The Inspirational Parrot), from Anambra State of Nigeria. You can reach out on 08037834016 or [email protected]



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