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“If It Wasn’t Busola Dakolo, Timi Dakolo’s Wife” By MacAnthony Okeke (CEO CadLands Real Estate)

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If It Wasn’t Busola Dakolo Timi Dakolo’s Wife By MacAnthony Okeke

If It Wasn't Busola Dakolo Timi Dakolo's Wife By MacAnthony Okeke

MacAnthony Okeke, CEO CadLands Real Estate Agency

If It Wasn’t Busola Dakolo Timi Dakolo’s Wife By MacAnthony Okeke: As at Friday 28th of June 2019, the entire Nigerian Nation and the whole world were shaken by the revelation made by Timi Dakolo’s wife (Busola Dakolo) against one Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA.

Lots of people have been unveiling their opinions since the revelation surfaced; here comes one of the opinions that got our attention and it’s from a promising young Entrepreneur. Keep reading and do well to drop your opinion.

If it wasn’t Timi Dakolo’s wife now, they would say she’s just looking for her 5 secs fame.

If she wasn’t beautiful, they will say she’s looking for hope or anything to hang on to.

If she didn’t have kids they will say it’s frustration.

If she was poor, they will say she just wants money.

Now, it’s Timi Dakolo’s wife, and she has all these things.

One lady said she was a runs girl then (in the lady’s cockroach mind, runs girls should be raped).

Another said the man was not a pastor as at when he allegedly raped her – “We all made mistakes in the past”. See excuse.

Some others are asking: “Why did she come out now?”…

Well, I don’t know her reasons, it could be she wanted to lend a voice to the other victims (his own choristers) of the alleged rapist, whose husbands are not TIMI DAKOLO!

Because the previous victims who didn’t have famous husbands like Timi Dakolo were dismissed as liars, frauds, irrelevant and inconsequential.

Now someone ‘relevant’ who is also a victim has spoken up.

Well, some churches already has the pastor’s face plastered all over their banners as their guest pastor…

… so I don’t expect them not to defend him, I mean, they can’t lose the potential offerings they will gather.

And please stop telling us you know the man – he is your spiritual daddy or he is your mentor, or he is your Assistant Jesus…

Like Trevor Noah said (in Bill Cosby’s rape case): someone can be good and bad at the same time, two contradictory statements could be true to one person at the same time.

Meaning, he can be your Assistant Jesus with all the anointing and he can also be a rapist to another person at the same time!

So while he is good to you, he might be raping someone else.

And while we wait for the pastor to give his side, which we haven’t heard since previous victims have been accusing him, let’s stop asking Timi Dakolo’s wife stupid questions.

Rather, we should give her kudos for speaking up regardless of the stigma she stands to face.

If the pastor is a rapist, especially the kind who thinks he is raping in the name of the Lord, he should be stopped and prosecuted!

Daalụ nụ.

MacAnthony Okeke (CEO CadLands Real Estate: Deals on Lands, Landed Properties, Buildings; Visit Official Website for more information)

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