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“Letter To Dear Ladies: Your Man Is A Project” Written By Ifunanya FaithMichael Chinenye

“Letter To Dear Ladies: Your Man Is A Project” Written By Ifunanya FaithMichael Chinenye

"Letter To Dear Ladies: Your Man Is A Project" Written By Ifunanya FaithMichael Chinenye

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Letter To Dear Ladies: Your Man Is A Project: In this interestingly impressive article, Ifunanya FaithMichael Chinenye sends a humble advice to fellow ladies on the need to see their men as a project.

The young, vibrant, and legendary Ifunanya unveiled her own opinions, and she gave cogent reasons why a lady should take her man as a project so long the love is true and real.

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The article is in the form of a letter to a lady contains useful tips every lady needs in building her man and their relationship. Enjoy her full article below:

Dear Aunty,

If we count all the things you’ve bought for your man since you two started dating it will not be more than three boxers and two singlets, I wonder who told our aunties that it is only boxers and singlets men came to wear in this life. 😂😂😂

Some time ago I accompanied a friend of mine to the mall to get a birthday present for her man, we passed all the Gucci, we passed Dolce & Gabana, we passed Calvin Klein and Addidas, I was just following her up and down the mall for 2hours.

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If I propose a gift idea she’ll say “naaa, Steven might not like it”.. How about getting him a nice wallet? “Naaa, Steven does not like using wallets” , that was how we did ‘Steven does not like’ until we left the mall without buying anything. I was shocked when she started pricing a pack of singlet in traffic on our way home, I wanted to cry on Steven’s behalf.😂😂😂😂

Dear aunties, please men like good designer things too, Aunties please repent, if you want to buy us a gift buy, if you don’t want to buy leave it, we are not doing again.


Don’t be comfortable with his beards looking unshaved all the time, buy him a clipper. Don’t sit and watch pimples mess up his cute face, buy him an aftershave or a facial cleanser and encourage him to use it regularly.

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He has only one pair of jean? make a budget for one more, I mean like how much are these things? You know men clothing are pretty cheap.

He doesn’t smell fresh and you’re happy? Don’t nag about it, buy him a deodorant first, if he doesn’t use it then you can nag. You people are always doing as if you don’t have money, doing expensive hair to compete with your Friends while your man is there following you up and down with one washed out jean.

Remember Proverbs 31? One verse says “for her husband will be known at the gates by kings and princes”, .. Is it with body odour he will go and sit down with kings?😂😂😂😂😂

Organize your man aunty, your beauty reflects in him, treat your man like a project. God will bless every virtuous woman out there who will remember to make a budget for her man next month. Amen!

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Written By Ifunanya FaithMichael Chinenye

Hope you are going to drop your opinions on this piece? Make use of the comment box below and feel free to share with your friends because they deserve to read it as well.

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