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Best Short Funny Jokes From Jokes Parrot (Episode 24)

Best Short Funny Jokes From Jokes Parrot (Episode 24)

Best Short Funny Jokes From Jokes Parrot Episode 24

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Best Short Funny Jokes From Jokes Parrot Episode 24: Here are short funny jokes that can make your moment awesome.

In the Episode of Best Short Funny Jokes on this platform, The Jokes Parrot (The Inspirational Parrot) shared best funny jokes to thrill everyone.

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Read Below, Enjoy & Laugh Away Worries Of Life:

1) Abeg this one no follow for the jokes, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SHARE THIS POST NAH, I DEY USE GOD BEG YOU. We need more visitors so as to keep bringing more episodes. Thanks!

2) Sometimes everybody isn’t staring at you because they think you’re attractive, it could be that your makeup is not matching your neck. 🤔

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3) Men are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. No make up but women still fall for them, chase and die because of them. Even Patapaa mpo 😎😂

4) When you see a group of girls talking about sex, check well. The short one started it. I no know why they like that thing so much 🤣🤣🤣🏃‍🏃‍🏃‍ Let me come and be going 🤣🤣

The Fun Is Not Yet Over, Check Out Other Jokes Below:

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Short Funny Joke: “What You Don’t Know About Stolen Meat” (Really Funny)

Laugh Your Ribs Out With These Six (6) Short Funny Jokes (Number 2, 3, & 6 Made My Day)

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“I’m Pregnant, How Can I Tell My Parents?” See Funny Reply A Girl Got When She Searched That On Google (Lol)

Please do share with others, and do check back regularly for subsequent episodes. The Jokes Parrot is here to keep you happy and smiling always so long you make the Jokes Section of this platform your regular/daily place of visit.

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