Nigeria, A Nation Where There Are Rivers, Yet People Wash & Bathe With Their Tears – Written By Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (NDJP)

Nigerian, A Nation Where There Are Rivers, Yet People Wash & Bathe With Their Tears - Written By Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (NDJP)

Nigeria, A Nation Where There Are Rivers, Yet People Wash & Bathe With Their Tears – Written By Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (NDJP)

Nigerian, A Nation Where There Are Rivers, Yet People Wash & Bathe With Their Tears - Written By Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (NDJP)

Nigeria A Nation Where There Are Rivers Yet People Wash & Bathe With Their Tears: Yes, I have to say that; I have to be real: I love to say the reality, it stinks to the ear but it’s the fact, nothing but the truth.

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Decisions were taken by the government to make the rich bear the pains but it’s the poor masses that bear the pains the most. Some of our Leaders lack empathy, tell me why someone won’t first of all think of what the adverse effects of the decisions he is taking are to make in the lives of people he is leading.

I have always asked the kind of rice been cooked at the Presidential Villa (AsoRock) in Abuja: IMPORTED rice or LOCAL-PRODUCED rice? There is no excuse to to be making things hard for the poor masses.

I am not saying that we should not encourage local production of rice so as to discourage rice importation; but what and what has been put in place to encourage and ensure production of rice within the nation? Will closing of border be an effective means to do so?

once heard in May 2016 that the pump price of petrol would become normal or get down by August 2016; what is happening now? We are in 2019, we are in recession, things are so hard, poor masses are going through hell; and pump price has become normal right?

No average or poor person in Nigeria deserves not to go to hell again because we are already in hell-like country. What are all these? Why can’t people who take us the youths to be the leaders of tomorrow see that their decisions ex officio are subjecting us to sorrows?

Negligence and indifference are what put Nigeria in the state the country is into: those in charge take decisions not considering their adverse effects on people they lead; they neglect so many things because they feel they themselves won’t be affected if those things are not attended to.

HEAR ME NIGERIA, HEAR ME THE ENTIRE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! I am not saying that we are not celebrating Independence Anniversary of Nigeria; we do, but let us use it to say the realities rather than hiding the light under the bushel.

If we are in recession and the president is really/truly concerned, then let him cut off some of his allowances and venture the money into something else to better the economic state of the government.

Let us lead by examples, many are losing their jobs, would the government intervene? No! Would the government confront the organizations? No! Because the government itself could not provide the jobs for the citizens.

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Tell me why there should not be crimes when the minds of the youths are not occupied, when people are jobless, the Laws are only effective on those who are not in power. We are only Independent from been ruled by foreigners and not from been ruled by Evil and Corruption.

A government that takes actions which go against the least person in a country has no conscience: that’s a nefarious nation. Why can’t a young person be thinking of committing crime when s/he can’t even get a dime per day, yet s/he spends thousands of Naira daily?

Tell us why many won’t accept crime when people are dying in the name of eradicating crime. Eradicate poverty, eradicate hunger, eradicate poor standard of living, do that even if it warrants it should be done through crimes.

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A biased minded Government is suicidal: The federal roads in the south Eastern Part of Nigeria are the best road all over the world, go and see with your eyes. We open one door of exit for crimes and open millions of doors for the entrance of not just crimes, but corruption as well.

I am still young but I am more capable and experienced than some persons who are into power in Nigeria today. I am not saying that I am not corrupt, but I have conscience and I believe in realities.

If it’s our constitution that’s limiting us from bettering Nigeria, let us scrap, censor or amend it to be able to effect a positive change. I am 100% in belief that there is no perfect nation, neither is there a perfect government nor a perfect leader; but that does not mean there should not be GOOD GOVERNANCE.

May God bless and help Nigeria and Nigerians, most especially those who are passing through difficulties at the moment.

If I do find it hard to still survive each day in Nigeria, what of those I am far better than? This is a call to government at every level to take actions towards bettering the lots of average Nigerians, notwithstanding regions where they are from.

Written By: Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (NDJP; The Inspirational Parrot). Founder TrendsOfLegends Media.


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