The Other Woman By Antisocialnaijagirl

The Other Woman By Antisocialnaijagirl

The Other Woman By Antisocialnaijagirl

The Other Woman By Antisocialnaijagirl

The Other Woman:


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“What would make a girl leave her house by 12 midnight?”

The answer came swiftly

“It’s either she’s going for a dick appointment or money”

I sipped my juice quietly. My eyes never left hers. My mind was racing. This was uncharted waters and I wasn’t a swimmer. Not even to save my life.

“What if it was both?” I asked. She looked at me and smiled.

“Whoever that girl is… She’s got balls”

That girl is me. I am that girl. Don’t get it twisted. Don’t judge me too harshly either. I’ll tell you what happened.

I met Dante in a nightclub. You would never find me in one of those. I tell you. Never.
Well, unless if I’m dragged out of my bed and that was exactly what my dumb ass friends did.

Kiki and Sharon made it a feat to achieve when they bundled me up, put some sultry party hype clothes on me and literarily shoved me into the Uber. As soon as we got past the bouncers and into the club, I felt nauseous instantly. Good lord! I hate the extremely loud music!

I mean, why would anyone want to listen to music at such a ludicrous volume? It didn’t make any sense. Kiki led us to a private part of the club where two older but handsome men sat, waiting. There were several bottles of expensive wines on their table. I could barely make out the rest of the items but I noticed an enticing wad of cash sitting proudly on the table too. I looked around us. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. The DJ looked hyped, like he was on drugs. He kept on flinging his dreads back and forth as his hand tickled the turntable while his other one held on to the headphone dangling from his head.

“Benita come and sit”

Kiki’s voice tore through my semi scenario. I made my way through, to sit beside her. I adjusted my suddenly short party gown as I sat. I felt very uncomfortable.

“You don’t need to do that. I think you look very sexy”

I’ve heard that women shiver at the sound of some very masculine voices but I didn’t believe it till that very moment. It was untrue. I looked up at the man that just made me shiver. He was looking right back at me with his impeccable white teeth in display. His smile was just as enthralling. His face was perfectly sculptured with graceful cheek bones and finely trimmed beards that had white strands of hair in them.

He leaned in closer to me

“You like what you see?”

Oh my God. Was I staring that hard? I looked away immediately but I knew I was done for. How could he be so fine? It wasn’t fair. I have a boyfriend.

“No you don’t!” A voice in my head replied.

“Errr. Yes you do” another voice said.

“He dumped you months ago remember?”

“It doesn’t matter. She still loves him”

“Shut up!” I screamed out. I was done with these crazy people living in my head, telling me what to do.

He must’ve heard me but not exactly because the music was really loud.

“Did you say something?” He asked me. I shook my head negatively. He stretched his hand out towards me for a shake.

“My name is Dante. It’s nice to meet you”

I took his hands and swore to never let go. They were so soft and smooth for a man. Well, a man of his calibre would live like a King. He raised my hand to his lips and kissed them softly. Our eyes met and I looked away again for fear of falling into him. This feeling was crazy!

“You do have a name, don’t you?” He asked

His perfume was intoxicating. I couldn’t make a complete statement. He hadn’t let go of my hand and I wasn’t willing to leave his just yet.

“Of course, I do. Pardon me. I…. Er… My name is Benita”

He looked at me and smiled. He offered me his glass of wine and I took it. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. I just took it. He urged me to take a sip which I did.

“Good right?”

I nodded and he held my waist, scooting me closer to him. Kiki was flirting heavily with the other man. Sharon was twerking on some dude on the dancefloor. I was trapped with this very seductive man whose voice could literarily make me melt.

We spoke for a long time. I found out he was in his mid forties. He was once married but his wife died in a plane crash. He had a four year old son and was a business man. That was enough info for one unprecedented night.

We kicked things off right away. It was one very hot, sizzling and whirlwind romance. He spoilt me silly. For a man his age, he was very much still knowledgeable in the dating game. I was the happiest I had been a in a long while.

After Kayode, that bastard dumped me for one chick he met on Facebook, I zipped my heart shut and threw the keys to the lagoon.

Dante was a dream. He was my knight in shiny armour. He was older, no doubt but that was even what made him perfect for me. My mother would always warn me…

“Date a fraudster. Date a laundry man. Date a singer but never date a married man!”

She wasn’t asking me to date these people for real, it was her own way of saying…

“If you must date anyone, don’t date a married man”

That stuck in my head. So, you can agree with me that I hit the jackpot with this one. I was in my final year when we met. We ran this beautiful romance race till it was my service year. I had met his son a few times but the scared little boy never spoke three words to me. I didn’t mind. I wasn’t coming to replace his mother. I just wanted to be with the man I loved and the little boy was just an added blessing.

With the help of Dante, I was able to set up my very own online shopping/fashion website. It was doing pretty well and I was thinking of getting an official space to start up the company. I spoke to him about it and he agreed. Such a Darling!

Everything was going so great. I was happy, blessed and contented. Nothing could go wrong.

I think the devil heard that.

Dante called me some weeks later. He had a meeting with a business client in my service state and wanted to see me. I was elated. I hadn’t seen him in months and I was starving. I had a recently stocked lingerie delivered to me from my store. It was beautifully sexy to behold. Tonight was the night!

I got to his hotel, knocked on his door and he answered. As soon as he opened the door, my jacket came off. I had specially prepared this meal for him. I let his eyes feast on me for a bit, taking in the sight of my half naked body. He inhaled sharply and grabbed me towards him as his mouth devoured mine.

I love this about Dante. His spontaneity. He was open to trying new things and I was just as ready and willing. He took me right there in the hallway, kissing and cupping my breasts. His hands grabbed my ass and squeezed. He slipped a finger in me and started working it gently in and out. It was exciting and crazy. His long tongue glided through my neck and rested on my ear as they tickled some moans out of me. We heard footsteps coming and he dragged me inside.

“I really missed you”

He was quiet. We lay on the bed, spent and fulfilled. I turned to look at him and he was staring at the ceiling.

“You okay?” I asked. He nodded and got up. I watched his sumptuous ass jiggle gently as he made his way to the bathroom to shower.
Something wasn’t right. His phone started to ring and I did something I hadn’t done before. I checked the caller. It was a certain “Tiwa”. Why was she calling him by 11:00pm?

I placed the phone back, still watching it and wondering. It stopped ringing and I climbed back to the bed. A few moments passed and she called again. This time, I got up, grabbed the phone and answered the call. I didn’t say anything.

“Hey babe. You said you would call if you got to the hotel. I didn’t hear from you all day. Are you okay?…. Hello?”

I ended it and leaned back on the headrest.
Tiwa…. Babe…. Hmmm.

He emerged from the bathroom, looking sexier than he entered. The phone rang again and he was surprised to see it in my hands. I handed it over to him.

“Tiwa is calling” I said calmly. He looked at me with guilt and answered the call. He quickly discharged her and turned to face me. I sat there, upright, waiting for an answer. He held the towel tight for a few seconds and finally summoned courage.

“I’m getting married Benita”

My world crashed that night… with me stuck inside. Nothing could console me. Nobody could help me. I was doomed to be used and dumped by men who wanted a good time. I had spent a year with Kayode, he still dumped me. Now Dante, the love of my life was getting married?! What was !? A plaything?

I mourned everyday. I wanted to die. I was depressed, sad, unkempt and disorganized for months. I lost weight and wouldn’t see anyone. The only thing active in my life was my online store. Thankfully, I hired a few trustworthy people and they weren’t relenting in keeping it up and running.

Kiki and Sharon were officially tired of me. I was making their life miserable. Well, mine was worse. Nobody gets their happy endings! Screw them.

As I sat by my balcony one night, taking a blunt and crying to myself, my phone rang. It was a number I didn’t know. I didn’t want to pick up but it could be something or some important issue. His voice gave him off. As soon I heard it, I hissed and made to end the call. He knew me too well…

“Please don’t end the call baby”

It was the way he said the “baby” that stopped me. I was still in love with this bastard. How was that even possible? It was approximately eight months since he dumped me! Ahhh, Benita, you’re doomed!

“You’ve every right to hate me right now but if you can just hear what I have to say. I promise I won’t bother you ever again”

You see, dear men, this line will most always make a woman want to pause for a bit and listen. I’m not exempted. I listened to him blab about how he messed up a good thing and how he was wrong. He professed his undying love all over again and swore to make it right.

I had enough reason to end the call while he was still talking but you see, your man doesn’t make you cum multiple times like Dante makes me. I can bet my life on that. He was experienced and sexy as hell. He was romantic and loving. I had never seen a dark side of him. Two years of being together and he never raised his voice at me or spoke an unkind word. I was his jewel and he was my Crown.

I needed to give him a chance. He was my one true love.

“She’s just dickmatized”

Kiki blurted out to me. I told her my dilemma but I said it was someone else.

“That man doesn’t love her. She’s just going to get herself used and dumped again”

I didn’t think Dante would do it to me a second time. He called several days later. He was in town and wanted me to come see him. It was almost 10:30pm and I was already set for bed. I figured I could make it to the hotel if I called an Uber on time. So, I arranged for one and started looking for something sexy to wear. It took me long to get pimped for Dante. I grabbed my keys and left.

The Uber was yet to arrive and my street was not too kind to lone females at night. I could wait for a few minutes and risk having no vehicle at all on the road or I could hold my heart in my hands and take the dreaded walk to the bus stop. If only Dante had gotten me a car like he promised. Well, shit happens.

I took the dreaded walk. I got to the bus stop panting. I had raced myself. There were no cars. No buses. Nothing. Just myself and an almost empty street. Damn. I stood there, shaking from the night chill, waiting and hoping.

Uber, I’m giving you a no-star rating! Infact, I’ll drop a sleazy but deserved review right now. I started typing away at my phone. I didn’t noticed a man walk past me until he spoke

“Nne you look take-away. What are you doing outside by this time?”

I didn’t respond. He blew me a dirty kiss and walked away. I checked the time. It was past 12am. Damn again. All this for a man who chose someone else over me? Well, there’s no going back now. A bus stopped in front of me and I peeped in. There were three guys and a lady seated inside. Was it safe to enter? Was I safer out here alone? Fuck it. I got in. If I perish because of the dick, so be it.

All the horror of the mini journey ended when I saw Dante standing by the hotel entrance. He was so ravishing and handsome. He grabbed me up like I didn’t weigh more than a kilogram and kissed me so passionately.

“I’ve missed you” he groaned into my ears. He finally let me down and ushered me in. We got to the hotel room and he had ordered some late night candlelight dinner. There was soft music playing and rose petals everywhere. I told you Dante was romantic. We started making out and I got the weirdest urge to pee. I stopped him and immediately rushed off to the toilet. I didn’t stay a few seconds in when I heard voices from the room. They were arguing. I could detect a female voice hollering. I leaned closer to the door to hear clearly.

“Where is she? Where are you hiding her?”

“Tiwa, what is this nonsense?”

“Oh, you even prepared a romantic dinner for two?”

“Get a hold of yourself woman!”

“You have no shame at all, you cheat!”

That was when I heard the slap. It was loud and it startled me. My hand went to the key immediately. I locked myself in.

Who slapped who?
Ahhh, Benita! See your life? You’re stuck in the toilet, waiting to be ripped apart by a married man’s wife!

“You will kill me today o!” Tiwa was screaming now. I sat on the toilet seat, dreadful and angry with myself. How the hell was this even happening? Why didn’t I ask him of her and if they were still together?

The screaming got louder. I could hear things break. A few moments later, I heard footsteps thud into the room. I think he called security on her. She didn’t relent on the screaming till she was dragged out. How did I even get here? Jesus!

Everything went quiet. Like a graveyard. Then the knock came. I didn’t respond.


“Leave me alone” I replied.

“Please. You need to hear me out”

I was done hearing him talk. This man would be the death of me. I opened the door and he stood away from it, waiting for me. I walked past him, grabbed my bag, my phone and started wearing my stilettos. He stood there, watching me. I didn’t say a word to him. As soon as I was done, he held my wrist gently.
I wrung his fingers off.

“Don’t touch me…again”
I sauntered angrily towards the door and opened it.

“We’re getting a divorce” he whispered. I heard it as quietly as it left his lips and turned back.


The next thing I felt was a heavy thud at the back of my head. I fell to the ground, dazed and in shock. She towered over me, with a deathly stare. I touched the back of my head, it was starting to bleed.

“So it’s you. You think you can run around town, sleeping with people’s husbands abi? I will spell my name on your back with this baton”

She moved in menacingly. I could see the fire in her eyes. If she even got close to me, I would end up in hell. Dante rushed towards her and she hit him hard in the stomach with the baton. He bent double, groaning in pain. He probably wasn’t expecting that blow. She pushed him aside and continued her walk of revenge towards me. I could not even move. My eyes were glinting back and forth.

Damn. She really hit me hard. My stilettos were lying beside me. I quickly reached out for it at the same time she stretched her arms back to gain hitting momentum. Mine hit her first. I threw it at her face. She edge backwards a bit, trying to regain composure and assimilate what just happened. That gave me ample time to look for my next weapon.

Dante got up and grabbed the baton out of her hands. He whipped her a dirty slap which landed her straight on her butt. I was watching in awe and horror as Dante manhandled Tiwa. It was like he was possessed. Like a man in rage. He pulled her by the hair and tossed her across the room. She screamed out in pain and threw the room telephone at him. All these didn’t seem strange to her as it was to me. Was this normal? The beating and battering? Was I in love with a monster?

She kicked Dante in the groin unexpectedly and charged towards me. I wouldn’t die today. Not by the hands of a crazy woman. I dodged her flying arm and jabbed her in the stomach. She screamed out but this wasn’t going to end her way. We got into a tug of war, pulling and scratching at each other’s face, hair and body. I towered over her and held her neck in place. She was helpless now. Dante stood up, grabbed the room telephone and called security again.

“I swear to God, I’ll kill you!” She threatened under my grip.

“Shut up Tiwa!” Dante’s shouted. She hissed angrily.

“You scum! You’re shameless. Chronic cheat. I see why your first wife left you!”


I turned to look at him and he couldn’t say anything. Hold up. Something was amiss.

“Is that true Dante?”

“Don’t listen to her…”

She scoffed. I loosened my grip on her, tired and hopeless now. She started laughing. Dante was pacing around the room.

“You didn’t tell her? That’s wonderful…” She continued laughing.

“Dante…” I whispered. I was lost and exhausted. I just needed the truth.

“His wife left him. She didn’t die in any stupid plane crash. They’re aren’t officially divorced. He lied to the both of us! I found out only after I had married him…”

“Tiwa, will you keep your stupid mouth shut?!”

He charged towards her and held her throat. The door opened and some hefty security men stormed in. I got up, grabbed my belongings and started to leave when he stopped me.

“I realize my mistake. You’re the one I want to be with. I can make this right. Please… I will never hurt you”

I looked at him but it wasn’t a look of love or passion. It was one of pity for him and myself. I had gotten myself so drowned in this affair that I was lost. I would always be the second or last option.

“I’m sorry Dante. I can’t do this with you or anyone anymore”


I walked out. Into uncertainty again. shameful, angry and tired. I would always be the other woman.



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