What Do You Regret Most After Separating With A Partner? – The Inspirational Parrot Speaks

What Do You Regret Most After Separating With A Partner

What Do You Regret Most After Separating With A Partner

What Do You Regret Most After Separating With A Partner? The Inspirational Parrot Speaks

What Do You Regret Most After Separating With A Partner: In this article, I, The Inspirational Parrot speaks on what I regret most after a separation from a person I was in love with.

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Please, before I continue, it’s sacrosanct to remind you that this is meant to be an interactive topic; hence I expect you to drop your opinion after reading.

I could still remember telling some persons (during candid discussions on relationship topics) what I do regret after parting ways with a partner ; and they do get surprised.

Not every love affair that started on a good note will lead to a happy end; and in a case where the two persons discover that they are not matched; they can resolve the love relationship amicably; although some persons end theirs in quarrels.

Being a male person, what I have found myself in love affairs with persons of opposite gender and along the line something happened that we separated owing to my or her or our faults; but there must be something I do always regret after ending a romantic relationship with a girl.

Whenever I separate from a girl in a relationship, I do regret having sex with the person. Whenever I remember I had made out with a girl I am no longer in love with, I do feel bad wishing I never had it with her. But I will muster up and move on because it had happened.

But my own case is quite different from other guys; you know, I have been with few guys talking about been in relationship, sexual affair, ex and so on; and all of the boys admitted they feel bad if they date a girl without having intercourse with her.

When they heard mine, they couldn’t believe it; but I didn’t argue with them because I have different philosophies, principles, tenets and perceptions about love/relationship/sexuality from theirs.

I am pretty sure that most of you who read this article won’t believe me: how can a guy say he regrets having sex with a girl? How? How possible is that in this present world we are? No! No!! Impossible! The Inspirational Parrot is lying, he’s not telling us the truth.

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That’s not lie, even if you think it’s lie, I won’t argue with you on this because I know myself than you do. hahahahahahaha! Anyways, you can go on and argue with your ancestors. I see intercourse as one of the most endearing moments two persons can share together all alone rather than just a fun time. To me sex is far from just having fun with someone.

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If I had sex with a girl, I really loved her even if we ended up not still together, I still cared about her. Hey! I don’t mean to say that I am still in love with her, but I cannot do it with you if there ain’t some true feelings of love deep down.

Alright, I think it’s time I give my readers the chance to tell me about what they regret the most after a separation or breakup. kindly make use of the comment box below: please kindly sign up in order to drop a comment.

Do well to share this post on your social media accounts using the share button below as you scroll down this page. I am still your inspiring and hilarious friend, The Inspirational Parrot.


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