“The Best Time To Work Hard In Life” – CEO CadLands

The Best Time To Work Hard In Life

The Best Time To Work Hard In Life

The Best Time To Work Hard In Life

The Best Time To Work Hard In Life: In this article you will find out the best time to work hard in life according to Chimezie Okeke (MacAnthony) who is the CEO CadLands.


In one of his recent mind opening, inspiring, wisdom filled and advisory posts on his official Facebook timeline, the young Nigerian CEO, Investor and Entrepreneur who is in his middle Twenties dished out the secrets to success as he unveils to his ardent followers and the world the right time for someone to work harder in life.

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I didn’t disagree with him on his opinions because his words made thoughts to be flushed into my mind as I spend minutes pondering over his well articulated candid words advice, and trust me you won’t disagree with him either. Enjoy his words of advice below.

The best time to work hard is when things are OK and going fine.

When things are going fine, you have peace of mind, zero pressure, more resources and more friends. Utilize all these resources. Don’t relax. Work hard for when it might get bad.

If it gets bad, you can’t do much, for obvious reasons – it’s bad – no money, no resources, no friends. Nobody really wants to expend a lot of energy pulling out a sinking ship lest they sink too.

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It’s not the day you need One Million Naira for a surgery that you start working hard, it’s the day you don’t need it.

And if you work hard and problems don’t come, perfect! Spend it on charity! Great feeling! It’s way better than knowing exactly how treacherous people can be when you lack.

Chimezie Okeke (MacAnthony)
CEO CadLands Real Estate Agency

Wow! That’s incredibly wow right? I told you in the beginning that you won’t fail to agree with you. Now that you have known the best time to work hard in life, you can now take the advice and put it into practice.

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