Soul (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album by Various Artists (Details, Preview & Review)

Various Artists Soul Album

Various Artists Soul Album

Soul Album by Various Artists

Various Artists Soul Album: Check out vital details, artwork, tracklist, and more about “Soul” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album by Various Artists (Details, Preview & Review).

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Briefly About Various Artists: They refer to different artists ranging from two to more persons who come together on a given project.

Genre: Soundtrack

Release Date: December 18, 2020

Number of Tracks: The project houses forty two (42) songs.

Total Tracks Duration: The total play time of all the songs in the album is 1 Hour, 4 Minutes.

Featured Artists: The project has no guest appearances. See tracklist below for more details.

Copyright Licence: ℗ 2020 Walt Disney Records/Pixar


1 Born to Play

2 Born to Play Reprise

3 Bigger Than Us

4 Collard Greens and Cornbread Strut

5 The Great Beyond

6 Falling

7 The Great Before / U Seminar

8 Jump to Earth

9 Rappin Ced

10 Joe’s Lowdown Blues

11 Terry Time

12 Joe’s Life

13 Portal / The Hall of Everything

14 Run / Astral Plane

15 Lost Soul

16 Meditation / Return to Earth

17 22’s Getaway

18 Apex Wedge

19 Let Your Soul Glow

20 Terry Time Too

21 Feel Soul Good

22 Parting Ways

23 Looking at Life

24 Fruit of the Vine

25 22 Is Ready

26 Pursuit / Terry’s World

27 Betrayal

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28 Space Maker

29 Cristo Redentor

30 The Epic Conversationalist / Born to Play

31 Celestial Spaces in Blue

32 Spiritual Connection

33 Lost

34 Epiphany

35 Ship Chase

36 Escape / Inside 22

37 Flashback

38 Earthbound

39 Thank You

40 Enjoy Every Minute

41 It’s All Right

42 Just Us

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