(Episode 6) “How I Became A Lesbian”; Alice Tells Her Story

How I Became A Lesbian

How I Became A Lesbian

How I Became A Lesbian Alice Tells Her Story Episode 6

How I Became A Lesbian Episode 6: A promising young lady named Alice tells a story of how she became a lesbian, and what led to her becoming attracted to someone of same gender. It’s Story Of A Lesbian whose name is Alice.


NOTE: Our publishing of this story on our platform is not in support of homosexuality but to open people’s eyes of things that led to such decision and lifestyle. Everyone has a story of what led to who he/she is today, and that’s what Alice is telling us in this story. Please do not read this story if you don’t like stories about Lesbians. Also the human image on the graphics use for this story doesn’t represent the character in real life, but for graphics use only.

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Below comes the Episode 6 of this story of how Alice became a lesbian. Enjoy and learn good lessons from her story.

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“Really, you would look great in one. I bet all the guys would be looking at you. You need to get a thong. The guys would love your body. You want me to get rid of all that nasty pussy hair?” Tony replied feeling excited at the prospect of being that close to Alice’s pussy.

“I have been thinking about it.”

“Ok, let’s do it,” Tony said.

“Right now!”

“Sure, we can do it right here on the floor so it will be easy to clean up. All I need is some scissors, a razor, wash cloth, and some warm water. It will be fun and I can’t wait to see how you will like your new look.”

“Ok, let’s do it,” Alice said and she could feel some excitement building within her. She did not know fully what to make of this but at this point did not care.

“I’ll go get what we need and while I’m gone strip down to nothing,” Tony commanded.

“Ok,” Alice said reluctantly now that she was expected to reveal everything. Alice was still wearing her conservative nightgown. She let it slip to the floor and as Tony came in the room she was standing naked except for her panties.

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“Ok get those panties off,” Tony said in a commanding voice.

“Ok,” Alice said and slowly pulled her panties down and let them fall to the floor.

“Sit over there on the counter and let me take a look at you,” Tony said. Tony was enjoying the show and was also surprised at her reaction to Alice’s noticeable embarrassment. It was a thrill to be in command of such a situation.

“Spread em and let me see that pussy,” Tony exclaimed feeling a strange excitement.

Alice complied and found herself sitting on the kitchen counter with her legs open for Tony’s inspection. She gasped as Tony ran her hand threw the overgrown patch of dark hair surrounding Alice’s most private area.

Alice watched as Tony took the scissors and began to cut the long strands of curly hair. They began to fall on the floor and after a few minutes there was only a dark short patch. Tony took the razor and carefully applied shaving lotion. Alice could feel the coolness of the lotion on her skin but could also feel the sexual tension building from within her body. She felt both guilty and embarrassed by those feelings but was powerless to do anything about it.

On the other hand Tony was enjoying both her power over Alice and the excitement she could feel as it expressed itself in wetness between her legs. Tony slowly shaved the remaining hair and watched as Alice’s soft pink skin appeared. She also noticed a moist residue that was not from the lotion. Tony took the wash cloth to remove the extra lotion but as she did she made sure that Alice’s clit was massaged. Alice gasped as the cloth rubbed her now swollen clitoris.

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At this point Tony had never felt such power and found the feeling a major turn on. She said, “Ok my dear, stand up and let me look at that little slit of yours.”

Alice heard a change in Tony’s voice, a change to a more commanding tone, but she did not care she did as she was instructed. She could feel her body begin to respond to Tony’s gaze. Her pussy was now very wet. Alice had never felt this kind of passion in her life and was loving it even though a soft voice in her mind was telling her it was wrong.

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“Rub your pussy for me,” Tony commanded.

“What?” Alice was confused in the passion.

“Rub your god dam pussy right now and let me see you pleasure yourself,” Tony again commanded.

Alice could not believe what she was hearing.

Tony could not believe what she was saying.

Alice stood there with a shocked look on her face but slowly allowed her hand to move to her pussy and began to rub her clitoris. It was too much.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm,” she moaned as she began to have a major orgasm. The fact that Tony was watching only made it more intense. Alice had never felt anything like this. It was wonderful. She felt like she might pass out at the pleasure and found herself sliding down to the floor. Here, her hand became her lover as she massaged her clitoris to another orgasm. She was in heaven or was it a pleasure hell.

Tony watched in amazement as this very conservative woman have orgasm after orgasm. Tony’s hand move to her own crotch as she watched she quickly came herself. However, she wanted her power and she wanted to regain control of the situation.

“Stop it you little whore,” Tony assertively commanded.

Alice looked up with a dazed stare.

“I said stop rubbing your pussy, you little cunt,” Tony almost shouted.

Alice was returning to a somewhat perceptive state of awareness and sensed a change in the direction of events. She still wanted her hand to milk her clit but stopped as Tony had commanded.

“Get off the floor and on to your knees. Do it.” Tony barked.

Alice raised herself off the floor and crouched to her knees looking up at Tony. Tony was now standing directly in front of Alice.

“Look at my pussy,” Tony commanded.

Alice lowered her gazed and was staring directly at the slit. She could easily see the swollen clit and moisture dripping from Tony pussy.

Tony took a step forward moving her pussy closer to Alice’s face. Alice began to move backward but Tony quickly said, “Stop, stay right where you are you little whore.”

Alice froze and Tony kept moving forward until Alice could smell the aroma of Tony’s pussy juices. “Lick me,” Tony almost whispered.

“What?” Alice managed to say in a squeaky voice.

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“I said lick my pussy and suck on my clit, do it.” Tony commanded.

Alice had never considered being in such a position as this but passion of the moment was overpowering. Alice suddenly found herself wanting more than anything to taste Tony’s pussy. She slowly moved her head up a bit and stuck out her tongue licking Tony’s slit. Tony juices had a musty taste to them but Alice found them to recharge her own sexual desire. She began to eagerly lick Tony’s slit while suckling her little swollen clitoris.

Tony would never have believed this could happen. When Alice tongue licked her pussy she felt electricity charge up her spine in pure delight. Then as Alice began in earnest licking all of Tony’s womanhood Tony explored with delight and had a very difficult time remaining in position that allowed Alice complete access to her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Tony moaned as she had the most explosive orgasm in her life. Nothing was even close to this.

Tony did not notice that Alice’s hand had returned to her pussy. As she licked and kissed at Tony’s pussy Alice massaged her own clit and…

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