(Episode 7) “How I Became A Lesbian”; Alice Tells Her Story

How I Became A Lesbian

How I Became A Lesbian

How I Became A Lesbian Alice Tells Her Story Episode 7

How I Became A Lesbian Episode 7: A promising young lady named Alice tells a story of how she became a lesbian, and what led to her becoming attracted to someone of same gender. It’s Story Of A Lesbian whose name is Alice.


NOTE: Our publishing of this story on our platform is not in support of homosexuality but to open people’s eyes of things that led to such decision and lifestyle. Everyone has a story of what led to who he/she is today, and that’s what Alice is telling us in this story. Please do not read this story if you don’t like stories about Lesbians. Also the human image on the graphics use for this story doesn’t represent the character in real life, but for graphics use only.

Below comes the Episode 7 & Final Part of this story on how Alice became a lesbian. Enjoy and learn good lessons from her story.

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Tony did not notice that Alice’s hand had returned to her pussy. As she licked and kissed at Tony’s pussy Alice massaged her own clit and again returned to a most pleasurable orgasmic state. This only served to increase her licking and suckling of Tony’s pussy. Finally neither could take anymore and they both collapsed in a tangle heap on the kitchen floor. As Alice lost consciousness she knew she would never forget this experience. As Tony lost consciousness she knew she liked the power and wanted more.

They lay on the floor for several hours and Tony awakened first. After a minute or so she regained full consciousness and untangled herself from Alice. As Tony sat on the floor looking at Alice’s body she began to formulate a plan that would continue this strange relationship. Tony was afraid that once Alice came to herself her guilt would be too much and she would slip back into her old mode of life. Tony thought aloud, “That will simply not do.”

Alice awakened to find herself lying on her bed. But as she regained full conscious she noticed she could not move her arms or her legs. At first she began to panic but then noticed that she was tied spread eagle on her bed. She remembered everything that had happened except she did not know how she came to be here tied up.

As Alice was frantically attempting to free herself Tony walked in the room. “That will not do you any good,” Tony said.

“Please untie me. What are you doing?” Alice pleaded.

“I am just going to try a little experiment. You liked things yesterday so much I want to see if you continue to like them today.”

“Please untie me. I don’t like to be here, like this, with you looking at me like that,” Alice pleaded.

“Ok, I will untie you in a moment but let me try a little experiment.” With that Tony climbed on the bed and sat between Alice’s legs. She then bent over and began to lick Alice’s pussy.

“What are you doing? That is disgusting. Please stop.” Alice begged.

Tony looked up with pussy juice on her lips. “You certainly seemed to like it when you licked me. I just wondered if I would like as well as you did.”

“No, this is not right. Please untie me.” Alice pleaded. However, Tony bent back down and proceeded to lick Alice’s pussy. Alice did not want to like it but she could not help it. It did not take long before she felt the yearning return deep within her and she began to buckle against Tony’s mouth.

“Do you like this?” Tony asked to torment Alice.

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“No, I don’t. Yes, it feels so good. Please stop. Please don’t stop.” Alice replied in her confused ranting.

“Well what is it?” Tony said as she looked up at Alice.

Alice was too far gone. Too much pent up sexual desire was now free. Alice looked down at Tony and said, “Please don’t stop.”

“Don’t stop what?” Tony said momentarily stopping her ministrations.

“Please don’t stop licking my pussy. I will do anything. It feels so good for you to lick me.”

Tony bent back down and took Alice’s small swollen clit and suck hard on it. This was too much for Alice and she exploring sending a flood of juices all over Tony’s face. This had the desired effect for Tony and she also exploded and her juices also flowed. Alice could not contain herself and as her pussy juices flowed, she also began to urinate all over Tony and her bed.

Tony’s and Alice’s orgasms finally abated.

Tony looked up at Alice and laughing said, “You pissed all over my face.”

Alice was still tied to the bed could only shutter with dismay as she lay in her own pee next to a woman whose face was wet with her pee. What was worse Alice found that this disgusting sight was a major turn on.

Tony was more sexually experienced than Alice but she had never had a sexual encounter that compared to this. Alice simply did not have any other experience for comparison. Tony lay contently on the wet bed. As Alice began to regain her senses her deep unresolved sexual conflicts resurfaced and she felt the extreme guilt about what she had just done. To make this worse as the guilt flowed through her consciousness, her pussy tingled and Alice knew that she would want to do this again and again and again. THE END [SEE ALL OF THE ALREADY PUBLISHED EPISODES FOR THIS STORY]

Although the story is full of naughty and immoral scenes, but I am sure that you have been able to realize how some persons had ended up been attracted to persons of the same gender. You are strongly not advised to try whatever you read on this story at home.


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