“What To Do To Someone Who You Love So Much But Doesn’t Feel Anything For You” (Issues on Love, Sexuality, Relationship & Marriage)

Issues Love, Sexuality, Relationship & Marriage

Issues Love, Sexuality, Relationship & Marriage

“What To Do To Someone Who You Love So Much But Doesn’t Feel Anything For You” (Issues on Love, Sexuality, Relationship & Marriage)

Tips For The Brokenhearted: Let talk about “What To Do To Someone Who You Love So Much But Doesn’t Feel Anything For You” (Issues on Love, Sexuality, Relationship & Marriage).



It is obvious that someone you so much yearn for would not be having even an iota of feelings for you; it’s real and does happen, and there is nothing to doubt about it. It has happened to me; not once, not twice, and I have learnt my lessons.

I know many persons, both male and female must have experienced the same thing. In this post, you will find out the simplest thing you should do, but it really requires someone with a bold and strong mind. Most times, some boys would start using threatening or harsh words on girls who turned them down when they asked them out; no, you shouldn’t do so, it ain’t proper, not at all.

Just let her be okay, be friend with her, you are the one who built the feelings, you still have the psychical power to subside the feelings and let the feelings fade away. I understand how much you love and care about her, but think well, she ain’t having any feelings for you, so you really need to let go of her thoughts in your mind.

She doesn’t even care about your existence, she couldn’t empathize your yearnings; why killing yourself over a person who is busy channeling her attention towards someone else? Who told you that s/he is the one God has prepared for you? LET IT GO, and forge ahead with your life and destiny.

The more you think about him/her, the deeper the love you have for him/her becomes and the more you get hurt every single moment, but look at it, s/he is not thinking about you. You are just busy loving a shadow which is going to fade away at the dispelling of light. You are only loving his/her shadow if s/he is not reciprocating the same love you push towards him/her.

Sometimes I do wonder if I am not destined to be in a relationship, those I love don’t want to be in a relationship with me; they either give excuses such as “they don’t want to go into any relationship again owing to their past experiences in relationship [they fell into the hands of wrong boys]”; or “they would just tell me that actually they really love me, but… but what?… but they have made up their minds never to go into any relationship till they are ready to marry”.

This is so mysterious, I swear. Not only that, those I don’t have feelings for would be seeking my attention, but I am always sincere and polite to tell them that I don’t love them the way they do to me, and it would be punishing them if I decide to go into relationship with them. What the hell is wrong with me? It has gotten to the extent that I even ended up in relationships that don’t last longer. Anyway, that was me years back, now I am no more facing such challenges.

I have not kept this secret to my good friends [both males and females]; they only end up telling me that I have not found the one meant for me; I see that as words they use in giving me hope; anyway, such words do soothe my psyche.

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My first relationship started in 2010, it was going smoothly, I was dreaming heaven and earth; I was so happy with her, though there was distance barrier [inter state], we did communicate well. Let me cut it short, [story for another time]. In 2013 [three years after], she started behaving strange, her attention towards me started diminishing; she didn’t even care about my birthday that year, hmmmmmmm.

How did I find out? I used my psychological ability to sense that something ain’t alright. One day, we were on phone, I was persuading her to open up to me, she finally opened up to me that she was double dating; according to her, she started double dating two years after we started our relationship: could you imagine that?

A girl I did fit into the picture of my future was busy dating someone else. It was so painful, who would it be and s/he won’t feel the disappointment; remember that she was my first love [and so what? Should I commit suicide because of that? To hell with her!]. Sorry if I sound harsh.

I felt it for days, but having been a strong boy all my life, I had to keep on going, so I LET IT GO! Today, here I am, bubbling, developing and improving my potentials. Yes, when she left me, I promised myself that I would be stronger person, that I would keep on working harder, that a day like this would come when I would be happily telling my experiences with her as stories.

I LET HER GO, hope you get that right; I said that I LET HER GO AND SHE WENT AWAY FOR REAL! I didn’t kill myself or start living a rascal life because we separated.

I became single again; after all it’s better for me to remain single than to mar my potentials just because I mingle. I decided to be on my own, no girlfriend anymore. I came across so many lassies who were madly yearning for me, but I care not what they were having for me. I turned them down, all of them, because my mind wasn’t ready to accept them. I kept going, single me, [what a pity], happily living.

I felt sad at times knowing that I was single, though I did console myself with the statement “having girlfriend isn’t what makes someone a brave and a successful person in life”. I did reminisce of my first love whenever I started playing Blues [before sleeping, at midnight, and early in the morning].

During that period, I learned how to be a man, how to encourage myself; I realize that there is possibility of having either side of an event: success or failure. it hasn’t ended, remember that I promised to tell you what to do. chillax! keep reading, don’t go nowhere.

NOTE: I have continued this content in a subsequent post titled “Who Says You Can’t Let Go Of Him/Her?” (Issues on Love, Sexuality, Relationship & Marriage)

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(Edited & Republished) First Written & Published in 2017 by Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

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