(Video) Why Some Men Are Not Yet Married

Why Some Men Are Not Yet Married

Why Some Men Are Not Yet Married

Why Some Men Are Not Yet Married Video

Why Some Men Are Not Yet Married Video: In this video you will find out one of the reasons some men are married yet. It’s funny, but houses truth.


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The video shows two men seated and have men’s discussion with a bottle of wine on a table before them. One of the two men was actually telling the other one the level he desires to reach before getting married.

Although the video clip is hilarious but from it one can as well accede with me that some men are still not married today because of the same reason the man in the video was giving.

Actually it’s a video showing two jocular and popular Nollywood actors discussing; Charles Inojie (Nigerian Actor) was telling Charles Awurum (fellow Actor) the level he wants to reach before he will marry.

Charles Awurum’s response was really funny; see the video clip below:

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