“Wahala Be Like Bicycle” (Meaning, Origin & Videos)

Wahala Be Like Bicycle Meaning

Wahala Be Like Bicycle Meaning

Wahala Be Like Bicycle Meaning, Origin & Videos

Wahala Be Like Bicycle Meaning, Origin & Videos: These videos show the meaning and origin of the widely used statement “Wahala Be Like Bicycle” among Nigerians especially.


Wahala Be Like Bicycle Meaning

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If you are active on the internet; you should have come across the statement “Wahala Be Like Bicycle” on Tweets and replies, Facebook posts and comments, Instagram posts and comments, WhatsApp posts, on comedy skits, most especially among Africans, Nigerians in particular.

Wahala Be Like Bicycle Photos

Wahala Be Like Bicycle simply out means that problem is so easy to start , but very hard to stop. You will find out why in the videos as you read continue reading.

Wahala Be Like Bicycle

So we came across these videos which might be the origin of that statement; after seeing the videos (below) you won’t disagree with the statement that wahala truly be like bicycles.

Each of the videos shows where someone or persons on bicycle encountered WAHALA; hahahahahahahahahahaha. Check out the videos below and don’t forget to follow up the Instagram accounts for more interesting posts this year.

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So I believe you have now found out why that statement is made. Before you leave, you may also love to check out OTHER FUNNY VIDEOS we have on this site. I do hope you had fun, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU Follow The Inspirational Parrot On Instagram for more hilarious videos and interesting updates.

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