“Who Says You Can’t Let Go Of Him/Her?” (Issues on Love, Sexuality, Relationship & Marriage)

Issues on Love, Sexuality, Relationship & Marriage

Issues on Love, Sexuality, Relationship & Marriage

“Who Says You Can’t Let Go Of Him/Her?” (Issues on Love, Sexuality, Relationship & Marriage)

Who Says You Can’t Let Go Of Him/Her?: We are still treating issues on Love, Sexuality, Relationship and Marriage. How to get rid of someone who doesn’t love you back.


This particular article is a continuation of another article titled “What To Do To Someone Who You Love So Much But Doesn’t Feel Anything For You”.

Having read the first piece that came before this one, you came easily enjoy and understand the below write-up.

My dear, you should be strong; that you should have a strong mind doesn’t mean you should have a stony mind. She or he has been playing with your feelings right?

Just be strong, I know it’s going to be hard for you to do, but my dear, you ought to muster up and LET GO OF HIM/HER, and have rest of mind. Shock him/her; give him/her the greatest shock of his or her life.

…It didn’t end there, the next year been 2014, I fell in love with another girl who I had been crushing on since I met her when I was still even in junior secondary, that was before I met my first girlfriend. I opened up what I have in my mind for her, she gave in to my request, and the affair began: phew!

She made a statement I couldn’t forget, she said right before me: “please, I don’t need someone who will break my heart”; and I told her “I won’t give up on you unless you’re the one to give up first”, we both chuckled and kissed lightly [OMG, did I mention that? Yes, we kissed, and don’t ask me if it was sweet [to find out, try it out], if you like be jealous or envious].

At a certain time, she came to me and told me that there would be no romance, I said okay because I really love her, and her statement initially and my own reply have not been effaced from my memory.

“Why should I quit her because she said there would be nothing like romance in the affair?”; after all I didn’t love her on the altar of ROMANCE or SEX, I only need someone to build my future together with. There was no distance barrier as in the case of my first affair, just inter-campuses [but within the same state].

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Afterwards, she changed, she didn’t use to call me even if I deliberately decided never to ring her for days; what am I saying? She did not even flash me back even if she missed my calls millions of time. Let me not talk of replying messages, I would be the one to call her asking if she got my message: just imagine that.

At that moment, I found out that she was becoming insecure, I tried not to give up, but she ain’t helping matter. I sought to see her severally, but to no avail.

My dear, to cut the story short, I dropped a message to her that I am done with her, because she had insulted me enough by her behaviours towards me; and I became so happy because she understood everything perfectly.

The love only lasted for 2 fruitless years [hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha; really funny right?]. But, I LET GO! I said that I LET HER GO FOR REAL, and continued with my destiny.

Here I am today, doing the works of my destiny, happily living, positively touching lives through my gifts of sagacity and jocularity.

So, my dear, I said at the beginning of this article that I would unveil to you what to do; yes, I have to fulfill the promise I made; there is nothing much you need to do in such situation than TO LET GO.

See, I even LET GO when I have already entered into the affair, you have not entered and you are already saying it’s hard for you. it’s hard nothing ; do it, be strong, LET GO and have the person wondering what could have given you the courage and bravura TO LET GO.

So, all I advice you to do, which is the PANACEA to your problem is TO LET GO of him/her.

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(Edited & Republished) First Written & Published in 2017 by Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

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