Allen Onyema (CEO of Air Peace) Advises Us Not To Look Down On Anyone, Reveals How He Started Real Estate Business (Watch Video)

Allen Onyema & Ubong King Conversation

Allen Onyema & Ubong King Conversation

Allen Onyema (CEO of Air Peace) Advises Us Not To Look Down On Anyone, Reveals How He Started Real Estate Business

Allen Onyema who is the CEO of Air Peace advises us in a video never to look down on anyone, revealing how he started making money through Real Estate Business.


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The Businessman, Lawyer and Entrepreneur who hails from Anambra State, South East of Nigeria dolled out inspiring words of advice to audience during a conversation with renowned motivational speaker, Ubong King.

It’s substantial to remind you that Ubong King who was a business consultant, security expert and motivational speaker; also he was the president of the Ubong King Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation targeted at training young people towards leadership. He joined his ancestors 26 December 2020 at the age 48 been born on 22 August 1972. May his soul keep resting int serenity, Amen.

That’s by the way, the essence of my putting up this post is not to tell you about either Allen Oyema or Ubong King but to make sure that the great messages, cornucopia of information and amazingly inspiring words of advice/motivation are passed to the lucky people who will come across this content now and in future.

Before I finally allow you to watch the attached video, let me remind you again that motivational talks become useful to those who know how best to utilize the benefits of such talks/speeches.

Allen Ifechukwu Onyema during the inspiring conversation revealed that when money started flowing in, as a young man who is in money, that he lived in hotel for 2 years; it didn’t end there, he said that’s a bad decision he took. But did that make him not to become bigger in life? Not, it did not.

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It’s high time you stopped blaming motivational speakers for your mistakes, the mistakes have been done, learn and relearn, correct the mistakes and move on in life.

I made up my mind not to write much in this post, but it seems I am already writing a lot. Now kindly watch the video below and don’t forget to share this post with others if you find it amazing and helpful; someone needs to see this video, it will go a long way to make positive impacts in their lives.

Watch Full Video below:

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