A Must Read Advice For The Coming Anambra State Election

Advice For The Coming Anambra State Election

Advice For The Coming Anambra State Election

Advice For The Coming Anambra State Election

Advice For The Coming Anambra State Election: For the coming Anambra Guber (governorship election), do not sell your vote, not even for the price of a Bitcoin.



The following information is shared by MadeInBlacc through their official Instagram handle: @MadeInBlacc and we deem it necessary that every Anambra person eligible to vote should read this advice and stick to it.

They share a detailed explanation on how one can vote in five easy steps, read through them and get ready to defend your vote.

How To Vote in Five Easy Steps

Step 1: Register To Vote

Voter registration is not federally managed, meaning States and territories have unique requirements. Most States allow residents to register online, in person, or via a paper form, provided they qualify to vote and meet the registration deadline. If a voter knows they won’t be in their State at the time of an election, they can fill out the Federal Postcard Application for absentee voting.

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Step 2: Do Research About Candidates and Political Parties

An informed voter makes an informed choice. Before filling out your ballot, make sure to do thorough research about candidates for office, political parties, and ballot initiatives.

To learn more about candidates, voters can check out VoteSmart, which lists voting records and provides a searchable database on multiple topics. FactCheck.org helps voters separate fact from fiction, and lets voters see which candidates best match their views on the issues. The major political parties post their official party platforms on their websites, which helps voters understand the party’s priorities.

Anambra State Election

Visiting a candidate’s website, listening to interviews, and watching debates can also help voters stay informed. Using multiple sources and evaluating sources for accuracy remains one of the best ways to get good information.

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It can also help to find out what’s on your ballot. In addition to national races, your ballot will probably contain multiple state and local races. You might also need to vote on referendums and initiatives. Visit Vote411 to see an example ballot for your district.

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Step 3: Check State Rules and Regulations

Before election day, check your state’s rules and regulations. First, find out when you can vote. Most states offer early voting before the election, and most polling locations stay open for at least 12 hours on election day. In some states, you can request time off to vote. You can also research your state’s rules on requesting a mail-in ballot.

Anambra Election 2021

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Step 4: Find Your Polling Place

State election offices assign polling locations based on a voter’s address. If you aren’t sure where to go to vote, you can either contact your election office or use the polling place lookup tool [Where Is My Polling Place?]

Step 5: Cast Your Ballot

The final step in voting steps is voting! Some voters cast a ballot in person at an early voting location or at their polling place on election day. These voters will need to ask an election worker for a ballot, sign their name, and fill out their ballot. In some States, you might need to show identification. As long as you get in line before the polling hours end in your state, you can vote.

We wish you Anambra Guber 2021 eligible voters good luck as you shun political apathy and vote selling come November 6 scheduled for the next Governorship election in Anambra State Nigeria.



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