Can A Muslim Break A Fasting For An iPhone? (See Video)

Can A Muslim Break A Fasting

Can A Muslim Break A Fasting

Can A Muslim Break A Fasting For An iPhone?

Can A Muslim Break A Fasting For An iPhone: In this video you will discover if truly a Muslim can break his/her fasting for an iPhone 12 pro max. It’s a test of Faith.



In this video clip I (The Inspirational Parrot) stumbled upon on social media, a Muslim was challenged to break his fast and get iPhone 12 pro max as gift. That sounds challenging for someone who is too materialistic I guess.

Actually it was a test for one’s Faith, and you will be wondering if the guy fell gave up his Faith and spiritual/religious obligation for a gift of an iPhone device promised to be given to him if he can break his fast before the right time.

Anyways, he ended up going home with the iPhone 12 Pro Max but what really happened as in whether he broke his fast or not I will leave you to find out in the video.

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Having found out what happened after the Muslin was challenged to break his fast for an iPhone device, put yourself in his shoes and tell yourself the truth, nothing but the absolute truth: if you were in his position at that point in time would you have broken your fast for the gift of an iPhone? As you still answer that question to yourself, you can also check out the following UPDATES BELOW.


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