(Video/Song Lyrics) J.I. – No Hook

J.I. No Hook Video Download

J.I. No Hook Video Download

J.I. No Hook Video Download Mp3 & Song Lyrics

J.I. No Hook Video Download Mp3 & Song Lyrics: J.I. dished out song lyrics and music video for the track “No Hook” produced by Docondabeat, Byrd and ProdByQue.





Ooh, woah
Oh, woah
Oh, ooh-woah, woah

[Verse 1]
If we come and collect what you owe, you gon’ pay up (Ooh, woah)
I’ll camp on your block all night long and I’ll stay up (Ooh, woah)
If I pass the rock to my dawg and he miss
I’ma send his ass back to the block to shoot lay ups (Ooh, woah)
We shoot at niggas with my merchandise on so they know who did it (Yeah)
If they got footage that’s just more promotion, I ain’t really trippin’
No, I don’t give a fuck, they gon’ pay for that clearance
Might just hop out the cut, just to make an appearance
I ain’t really picky, I take what they give me
Then give it right back and I go ’bout my business, that’s real (Oh)
Couple thousand, I blew on these sneakers (Oh)
We gon’ blow up they spot if thеy sneak up (Oh)
Niggas losin’ they spot, tryna keep up (Oh, ooh, woah, oh, oh, oh)
They know who my bitch, don’t gеt killed trynna creep up
I walk around like I’m goated
Fuck who the hottest, y’all know who the coldest
My dawg got a chain ’round his neck ’cause he stole it
Just gave him cameo, just to promote it (Yeah, yeah, oh)
I’m at the edge if you wanna push me
Lower the price on his head since we know he pussy (Yeah)
Up to is, how y’all gotta look me
Gotta send half in advance if you tryna book me
Please, don’t stand too close (Boo)
Just hopped out a brand new Ghost
Chrome on the sleeves, I rock it to cover my heart (Yeah, yeah)
Ice blue, my shit cold
Pulled up to the hood just to hear I’m too famous
Expressions on their face reveal the hatred
And y’all not allowed in this section, they only give special treatments to the gangsters
These withdrawals got me anxious
We could brawl if you dangerous
Killin’ off who he hang with
Wait, that’s not him right there? (Oh)

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[Verse 2]
Send a couple shots through his bird chest
Then I send the hawks to go flock out the bird nest
Was fuckin’ with a bad ting last week
Small world, who would’ve thought I’d got the drop from his girlfriend?
Waited my turn, had to patiently watch
On a different timing, took the face off the watch
Couple goons in the whip
We tryna see how you protect that location he dropped, yeah
Since I’m disrespectful I’ma disrespect you when I want to
No, you’re not my bitch, don’t pull up unexpected, when you want to
Who got your block in a chokehold?
Stomp out the opp if he ask for a photo, damn
Please, don’t get blood on the logo
Might just start head tapping niggas for promo
I got 99 problems and grudges won’t find me for nothin’, I pop out the blue, ooh
If me and you got any problems, we not gon’ discuss it, if I’m poppin’ out it’s to shoot
Please, no tears on my grave
No love here, go that way
And it’s GStarr the label versus anybody
This for everybody with no clue, haha

Gotta watch for the leechers
I got blood on my sneakers, I’m steppin’ on everyone face
I see they tryna keep up with me, just speed up the pace
I throw racks on her body to boost up her mood
Not just anybody could do what I do
I’m a big dawg, different breed, give ’em 24, see if they last in these shoes

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