See Igbo & English Names of These 100 Selected Animals

Igbo & English Names of Animals

Igbo & English Names of Animals

Igbo & English Names of 100 Selected Animals

Igbo & English Names of 100 Selected Animals: Check out and learn the Igbo Names of the following selected 100 animals with their corresponding English names.



In a bid to join hands in promoting the Igbo Language, we (TrendsOfLegends Media Team) have compiled and published below both Igbo names of 100 selected animals with their corresponding names in English.

We also urge every well-meaning Igbo person to join hands in sustaining the Language by sharing this article to reach more and more persons.

No doubt there are lots of Igbo people who speak Igbo fluently yet they do not know the Igbo names of some animals but only know their English names. But today we have made the work easier by compiling them for you.

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Below are Names of Animals in English and Igbo

Igbo & English Names of Animals

Animal translated to Igbo means “Anụmanụ

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1) Goat = Ewu (Male = Mkpi, Female = Nne Ewu).
2) Fowl = Ọkụkọ (Male = Oke Ọkpa, Female = Nnekwu).
3) Guinea Fowl = Ọgazị.
4) Chick = Nwa Ọkụkọ.
5) Turkey = Tolotolo/Torotoro.
6) Duck = Obogwuma/Obagwu.
7) Pigeon = Nduru.
8.) Ostrich = Enyi Nnunu.
9) Antelope = Mgbada.
10) Deer = Ene.
11) Cow = Efi.
12) Horse = Ịnyịnya.
13) Rat = Oke.
14) Guinea Pig = Ezi Bekee.
15) Squirrel = Ọsa.
16) Dog = Nkita.
17) Hyena = Edi Abali/Edi Abani.
18) Cat = Nwologbo/Buusu/Nwamba.
19) Sheep = Atulu.
20) Ram = Ebune/Ebule.
21) Pig = Ezi.
22) Lion = Agu.
23) Tiger = Odum.
24) Elephant = Enyi.
25) Monkey = Enwe.
26) Chimpanzee = Adaka.
27) Gorilla = Ọzọdimgba. (Ọzọ, the king of wrestling)
28) Snail = Eju/Ejune/Ejula.
29) Snake = Agwo.
30) Python = Eke.
31) Lizard = Ngwele/Ngwere.
32) Wall Gecko = Agu uno.
33) Crocodile = Aguiyi.
34) Toad = Awo.
35) Frog = Mbala/Mbara/Nte/Akiri.
36) Tortoise = Mbe/Nabe
37) Vulture = Udene/Udele.
38) Eagle = Ugo.
39) White Ant = Aruru ocha.
40) Black Ant = Agbisi.
41) Mosquito = Anwu Nta.
42) Grasshopper = Ukpana.
43) Kite = Nkwo.
44) Spider = Udude.
45) Praying Mantis = Okongono.
46) Earth Worm = Idide.
47) Worm = Okpoo.
48) Scorpion = Akpi.
49) Butterfly = Ilokolo Ibuba or Tatambeleke.
50) Cockroach = Uchicha.
51) House Fly = Ijiji.
52) Cricket = Mbuzu/Mgbaja or Akika.
53) Bed Bug = Chinchi/Ogii.
54) Bee = Añu.
55) Crab = Nchiko/Nshiko.
56) Bat = Usu.
57) Millipede = Esu.
58) Centipede = Ogbakuluu.
59) Rabbit = Oke Bekee.
60) Grasscutter = Nchi.
61) Owl = Ikwikwi/Iyi Ochi.
62) Wood Pecker = Oturu Kpokpo
63) Chameleon = Ugwumagana.
64) Fox = Nyanwuruede.
65) Fish = Azu
66) African civet = Edi Ura (a nocturnal animal known to sleep all day during the day. Used to refer to anyone who sleeps a lot)
67) Wasp = Ebu (Isi kote ebu, O gbakasia nya aru wink)
68) Taylor Ant = Akpolide (Usually found on mango trees)
69) Porcupine = Ebi Ogwu
70) Shrew = Nkakwu/Nkapi (Mole-like rat that is known for its pungent smell.)
71) Eneke Nti Oba = Swallow (A type of bird that hardly perches on trees when in season to avoid being gunned down by human hunters)
72) Hawk = Egbe’.
73) Beetle = Mbuzu/Ebe
74) Periwinkle = Isam
75) Bush Fowl/Goose = Okwa.
76) Stork = Okpoko
77) Boa Constrictor = Eke Ogba
78) Camel = Inyinya Ibu
79) Hippopotamus = Utobo/Akum
80) Iguana = Ngwele aghu
81) Tilapia = Azu asa
82) Eel = Ebi Iyi
83) Crayfish = Isha
84) Turtle = Mbe mmili
85) Eaglet = Chekeleke
86) Donkey = Jaki
87) Dragon Fly = Tatambeleke
88) Maggot = Ikpuru
89) Buffalo = Atu
90) Wolf = Agu Owulu
91) Sparrow = Nza
92) Parrot = Icheoku
93) Viper = Ajuani/Ajuala
94) Locusts = Igwulube
95) Galago/Bush baby = Ikili/Ikiri
96) Hog = Ezi Ofia
97) Bird = Nnụnụ (Generic name)
98) Gaboon Viper = Echi Eteka
99) Weaver bird = Egule
100) Cod fish = Okpoloko

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Please endeavour to teach your kids and spouse the following names of animals in Igbo Language (Asusu Igbo). Don’t forget to make corrections if you spot any mistake, let’s learn together as we join hands to make Igbo not to die.



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