Biography of Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel

Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel Biography

Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel Biography

Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel Biography

Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel Biography: Who is Mr Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel? What does he do? This and lots more you will find on this page.

Briefly Description of Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel

Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel, popularly known as Hugo Okpala is an innovator, to say the least. Navigating the seas of entrepreneurship and the oceans of business, he went from Trader to Business Guru to owning his own record label.

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Hugo was born on the 18th of February 1983 in Nigeria as the last son of Mr. Reuben Okpala. The Okpala family hail from Neni, Anaocha Local Government, Anambra State. Hugo has 6 siblings, 4 males, and 3 females. Hugo is married.


Hugo attained his basic education in Enugu state where he attended Abakpanike Primary School. He went on to attain his secondary education in Anambra state at Flora Azikiwe Comprehensive Secondary School taking him to his hometown Neni. Upon successful completion of his Secondary education, Hugo returned to Enugu in pursuit of his B.Sc. He attended the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he studied Veterinary Medicine.


Hugo discovered he had a knack for business and began a variety of trade and export feats. A testament to the success of his business would be the multiple awards he has accumulated over time. From awards for Humanitarian services to awards for entrepreneurship, it is no doubt that he is an innovator.

Hugo’s latest success is his record label, HUGO RECORDS. Currently, they are scouting for fresh and hot talents to sign, with the guarantee of great treatment and settlement. He is the go-to for standard music promotion, music video shoots, and others.

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He has also done standard business with reputable brands such as Innoson Woods, Tonimas Nigeria LTD, TRI THANC DUC COMPANY LTD, and many more.

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Hugo is a jovial and social person. His charisma and outgoing personality have been paramount to his success as a business mogul. He enjoys activities such as cooking, football, and swimming is passionate about music and has traveled to different parts of the world.


Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel Biography

Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel


Find him on all social media with @okpala_hugo and/or @hugo.records.


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