Costa Titch has the most viewed Amapiano music video

Costa Titch’s Big Flexa

Costa Titch’s Big Flexa

Costa Titch Big Flexa Amapiano music video has the most viewed

Costa Titch’s Big Flexa music video is currently the most viewed Amapiano video as it’s reached 40 million views on YouTube.

As of 2022, the video topped with 30 million views, and it has gained more few weeks into the new year 2023.

Titch is not the kind to blow his trumpet but lovers of his music are indeed proud of this amazing feat.

The music video is a year old and no Amapiano music video comes close to it.

In a recent interview, the international musician, Akon labeled Costa Titch a game-changer.

The musician confirmed being a huge lover of the rapper’s music.

“He is a brand-new artist from Africa, his name is Costa Titch… That kid is a problem, like he is going to change the game. He is a game changer,” Akin said.

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