Do Men Want Space or Attention When They’re Angry? (Read People’s Opinions)

Do Men Want Space or Attention

Do Men Want Space or Attention

Do Men Want Space or Attention When They’re Angry?

Do Men Want Space or Attention When They’re Angry: Check out people’s opinions on whether men wants space or attention when they are angry or annoyed by their woman.

So far most people believe that only women asks for space or attention whenever they are angry or pissed off or experiencing mood swing; but also men also deserve such as well since we are all human beings.

Lot of ladies/women really long to know if men do need space or attention in the heat of an argument or when they are angry and we have compiled opinions from different people.

Hereunder is what a Quora member by name Leonardo Meriq Stylo wrote about Men need their space:

We have our boundaries just like wild animals do. We need solitude to process things , prep up for things and some place where we can be at total harmony to take decisions and digest things and also to man up in face of adversity.

Even in case of a committing to a relation with some princess , we can’t just make the other person our entire life,or the center of universe. We need space and time to do guy/man stuff like chopping wood,hunting unicorns,hanging out wid fellow hunters over a jar of moonshine etc… We just need that space to be ourself,so you can love who we really are ,not just that dough the life moulds into.

Do men need space or attention when angry

Some of the other relevant questions people ask or search include the following:

Does giving a guy space work?
What does space mean to a guy?
How long does a guy need space for?
Is it best to give a man space?

And we are going to provide relevant answers to these questions, so don’t be in a hurry to leave this website because we took our time to make up this article to give you the soothing answers.

In addition we will help you through this article to find out the following: give a man space to fall in love, signs to give him space, does he need space or is he done, the power of giving a man space, give him space and he’ll come back, giving him space in a long distance relationship, should I tell him I’m giving him space, how to give him space but not lose him, and lots more.

By the time you have gone through various opinions dropped on the social media post where the question is been asked, you will no doubt know whether men really do need space or attention from their women.

Below are over 30 opinions from different individuals on whether men wan space or attention whenever they get angry; relax and calmly read through the comments and remember to stick around as you check out other amazing and relevant contents already published on this website.


I need space but not in the conventional way. My “space” involves an hour or 2 of unwinding on my computer watching youtube clips or reading a book. I don’t need nights out with the guys. “Space” for me means not having to participate in a conversation and just veg out.


I wouldn’t generalize this purely gender-based. Some people need more space than others. It depends on the person’s personality, priorities and needs.


My boyfriend asked for some space. He said he does not feel mentally well, feeling really stressed and anxious the past weeks. I’m giving him the space he needs. It’s been almost 2 weeks, will he come back?

Taking space is so hard, especially when we don’t know what it means or for how long it will last. It can leave you feeling tense, vulnerable, and confused.

Taking space does not necessarily mean a crises for the relationship. If someone is feeling depleted, it is normal to need time and space to replenish.

Did he ask for no contact? Is there an agreement of when you will check-in again? Do you have a container agreement, specifying deal-breakers and need-to-know information in the meantime?

Giving your boyfriend space gives him the opportunity to choose you. And, if he chooses to not come back, you are free to be in a relationship with someone who wants to be with you.

Use this time to get clear on what your needs are, and rather than depleting yourself by worrying, do what you can to replenish as well, so when you do have a conversation with him, you are as resourced as possible, supporting the best outcome.

Being able to respect his request for space shows strength, compassion, and resilience. Good Luck.


My boyfriend said he needs space. Should I break up with him?

You should give him his space!! Immediately.

Say, “I understand. Do what is best for you.” Feeling like you want to say more?
Add: “Thanks for our time. I’ll always remember (insert one good time). Bye!”
Be light and gentle.

Afterwards, do not contact him at all. At all.

This is the only way if you want him to return to you.

Males like to go off, usually it’s not to replace you, so mellow out. It’s sort of a test by him. The illusive “freedom” vs the comfort of your company. It’s an identity thing.

Give freedom to him.

And do not contact him.
No “I miss you’s”
No emails.
No calls.

No texting.

Let him miss you.
And in 40 days or less he’ll be back.

It’s ok for you to post pics of you enjoying your life, if you’re on social media.
But be solo in the shots. No parties or dates.
Just you doing fun things. Looking pretty.

Do date others, but don’t rub his face in it.
You have to set the tone that you’re ok moving on.
Think of your life as a super train ride.

He got off at a station.
The train kept going!
If he wants back on, he’ll have to run to catch you at the next station.

Best to you!


What is giving space in relationships?

Space, what exactly it means? I don’t think so everyone understands. When 2 people are in a relationship, if one person is more caring, a little intruding and possessive the other person tends to get irritated and start asking for some space.

Trust and friendship are the building blocks of any relationship, you don’t have to be a gf/bf but you will have to become their friend on whom they can blindly count on in any situation. When you start using 5W+1H, that’s asking why, when, where, with whom, what and how in a relationship on daily basis then you are on your way of taking away the carefree attitude and trust that they place in you.

Space then comes into the picture as the want of freedom and being an independent person increases. Just let go all the questions you have in your mind and trust your partner. Excess of anything is bad whether it is love, care, affection or hate, it is bad.

In today’s time the idea of space has been termed as a bad thing but it is not, as it just means that the person needs some time to realise that whether they are ready to let go their own constraints for their love? And love has a very strong bending force so it can always get back your love if they want to come to you and if they don’t they will just find space as an issue and leave.

I hope this answer would help you understanding what space is and how can you not have in your relationship


How long do you give boyfriend when he tells you he needs space?

It’s really not up to you. He’s going to take all the time he wants. This is not good news. Start preparing yourself for the end of this relationship.


Should I text my boyfriend after letting him have space for over a week?

The relationship exists only because it involves you & your boyfriend . You are as significant as the boyfriend . Without you & your role , there is no relationship. So ,

Please do not make this a situation which revolves around


Your boyfriend asked you for space & you have given it to him for a week .

Space and No Contact are two different things !

Is he asking for space or is he saying No contact ?

There is Nothing wrong in sending a text , because healthy relationships require space , but they also require communication & concern , Authenticity & frankness , without fear.

You should text him , and do so confidently because you are important too . Your feelings , your emotions , your well being is important as well !

I understand that your boyfriend would have a very authentic need for space – but unless he’s in a situation which is very complex , very life threatening or he’s undergoing depression or any other mental health issues or he said that needs a break from you … – No contact is the wrong thing & is absolutely not required .

Space does not equal to no contact for indefinite periods of time .

The consequences of No contact , can be anxiety & damaging to your mental health.

please send a text or make a call .

Tell him that you can give him space but no contact for an indefinite period of time is not something that you are comfy with

Please do not put others before you & neglect yourself .

Do not subject yourself to anxiety , uncertainty & worry

Answered keeping close to your line of questioning, & haven’t gone into what after you text , and the response received etc .


Yes, not only men, but women as well. See, it is not that tough. You should be there for each other and at the same time, you should give them space to do the things they want. Even if they feel happy to do flirting with others, let them. (Make sure they do it in healthy way. Healthy flirting is not a crime.


Why do people need space in a healthy relationship?

Answered by my wife:

“Everyone needs a little bit of space in order to appreciate one another more. That is why when couples retire they both need to have things that they do apart from one another. He may play golf and she likes to go shopping. There are also things that they need to like to do together. What is not healthy is when one of the people in a relationship wants space by taking a week or a month apart or when they choose to go on separate vacations. That kind of space is not productive to a healthy relationship.”


My boyfriend wants space to clear his head. What does he mean?

WTF seriously is wrong with girls?

When a guy says, “I want some space to clear my head”.


It means leave him alone.

Guys aren’t that complicated.

The question is really what he’s clearing it from and how long he needs.

Anything more than a week or so is problematic because he might be wanting out and doesn’t have the balls to tell you.

Let him be for a week. Two max.

If he doesn’t come back around…move on.

My guy needs a lot of space. He’s gone as long as 12 days without contacting me. He’s just that way and I’m used to it and it has nothing to do with me or our relationship. He always comes back around. No biggee.

But, if the guy doesn’t he’s breaking up. So, for now all you know is that he needs some space so give it to him

If he doesn’t come back in 2 weeks max you’re done. Feel free to contact him and say, “I’m looking for a committed relationship and your behavior indicates that you’re needing to be alone and aren’t ready for commitment right now so I wish you the best of luck.”

He’ll either agree or tell you that you’re crazy and will try to make it up, but you’ll have your answer either way.


My boyfriend asked for time to heal from the wounds of our relationship issues. How do I support him and not be needy?

It sounds like he needs space from you temporarily to focus on other things to allow the negativity he has associated with you to dissapear. Once he is ready to return with only happy thoughts of you, then and only then would it be safe to proceed with your relationship. Do not ask or bother him about it. When he is ready and happy with you, he will return on his own, because he will want to. If you dont give him the space he asks for, youre not giving him the room to heal his thoughts about you, and youll only be hurting your case with him.


How much space does a guy need in a relationship?

Depends on the guy honestly. Some like who texting-till-you-die thing. Some will text at the most once a day or once-in-two days. Some might start from texting daily and go to texting once in a week. It all depends on your guy and how is your relationship dynamic.

So analyze that. If he starts ignoring you, or cutting chats short, understand that he needs some “Me time”.. Time all for himself. Maybe you could gift him a game and a beer if he’s into that and let him play. Maybe even join him. If he chats too much, understand that he misses you.

But never overdo chatting and meeting. He will get bored. One of the ways of keeping a relationship healthy is not to be there always, but to there some times, and let them miss you sometimes.


When a guy says he needs space, how long is that?

The only person that knows that is him. Give him the space and time that he’s asking. For the meantime, you have the space and time as well that you’re giving to him. Have fun and enjoy your life. When he’s ready, he will let you know.


Does relationship space really work?

Work in what ways? What are trying to solve?

To take a break and hope you get back together? For the most part, it’s a temporary fix. Unless both parties use the time to genuinely work on their issues, not much will change. The only thing space will create is time to miss each other. You will then be so happy to be back together that you will be very loving and grateful, but eventually that fades and you’re back to square one.

If youre using space while continuing to be together, but are trying to live independently of each other than yes, this will definitely work to create a better relationship. Independence is what keeps the relationship exciting. Dependence is what creates problems and ugly breakups.


Why do girlfriends need space during a relationship even though everything is right on track?

Just because you think your relationship is peachy keen does not make it so.

I’m in a great relationship. Part of what makes it work is that we each give each other space at times. We don’t need to do everything together. We don’t need to spend every waking moment together. We both like some alone time. That doesn’t mean our relationship is on the rocks.

And for the record: relationships do not follow a set formula. You think everything’s “right on track” but there is no track. A+B=C or AB or Abba. Or 42. You can’t put your relationship on a calendar or to-do list and check off each item in order. Relationships just don’t work that way.


What does it mean when a girl says she needs space?

She : I have an afternight party this weekend.

Me : No, you’re not going.

She : Stop it! I need some space.

I hang up the phone call!

We didn’t talk for a couple of days. I gave her a call after a couple of days.

She : Hmmm. Say.

Me : I apologize I shouldn’t have denied. I was worried with safety measures, that’s it. I’ve planned a candle light dinner for both of us this weekend. If you’ve a party, I will cancel it. Take your decision.

She : Let’s go for the dinner! I love you!

She was happy!

By the sentence I need space she meant, Please stop taking my decisions! You can advise me, and then let me take decisions!

After this realization, that space just never came between us.

P.s : They are cute, listen to them, advise them politely, give them a better option, they will never let this space come in between.


How much space do guys want in a relationship?

“Guys” is a very broad term. You might as well ask how much air do guys/gals like to breathe in. 😉

It depends on the individual.

For me, it’s less about “how much” and more about “when appropriate”. “When appropriate” depends on circumstance and mood. Hence, the dynamics of a relationship and the chemistry between individuals involved in that relationship.

For my wife and I, we rarely verbally tell each other we need space. Each of us can just ‘see it’ or ‘feel it’ from each other. Then at the end of the day, we give each other a simple kiss goodnight. Whatever happens the next day, restarts the cycle of perception, awareness and consideration for each other.


Is it bad that I don’t want to give my husband space?

This is not bad if your husband is happy with the amount of company you wish to give and you two spend a lot of time together (that us he hasn’t asked for space.)

It’s not bad if your husband askes for space and whilst you don’t want to give the space you do give him the space. Sure you might feel dissapointed. It’s natural to feel dissappointed when we don’t get what we want. What’s important here is the action of respecting the space.

It is bad if your husband has asked for space and you ignored this. Its bad because your action of ignoring the limit he has placed (his personal boundary) is disreapectful. It shows you care more about want you want than your husbands needs and wellbeing.

It is also bad if you husband takes the space he needs and you act in a way that violates his boundary. This can include getting upset and being overly emotional, throwing a tantrum, sulking, name calling, excessive questioning of why he needs the space, guilt trips, giving the scilent treatment, punishing him by with withdrawing affection or any other behaviour that pressures him to change his boundary. This is bad because these behaviours are forms of manipulation. They can be considered abusive behaviour. They all demonstrate disrespect.

If there is no respect in your relationship then you you do not have love in the relationship. You can not have love without respect. And with no respect the relationship will deteriorate.

As others have said, you will push your husband away. This is because he will feel overburdened and obligated to fulfill your desires at the expense of his needs. He will with time feel resentful towards you for the over stepping of boundaries. With time this can lead to a complete indifference towards you, at which point the relationship is dead (and that’s if he hasn’t already left. Someone with a strong sense of boundaries will walk away after the first few times their boundaries were disregarded).


I’m not speaking for all men. But that space when a man is angry is necessary. If I’m angry just gtfo for two hours. After hitting the gym I’ll come back to you trust me.


For one when I am angry I just need space to cool off and then come back and I am good. Every man loves attention


I just need someone to listen to me, hug me and give me food😋 that’s it.


Space, just for realization of the mistake we are making at that moment
Because to me being angry is always a mistake


It depends on the type of man. Me na br3ast fit calm me down.


Show us boobs no man would stare at firm standing b00bs and still be angry🙄 So true, I know a guy who lost his father but still dey find boobs dat same day 🤦🤦


I want space that moment and when am done I will get back to myself


A greater number of men is attention, but a few space.


You can be around the house but maybe not in the same room


Both🤷🏾‍♂️if you give me space imma think you don’t give a shit, but at the same time attention will feel be a little annoying coz I’m trying to cool off so I need some space, simple as that.

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