(Episode 5) “How I Became A Lesbian”; Alice Tells Her Story

How I Became A Lesbian

How I Became A Lesbian

How I Became A Lesbian Alice Tells Her Story Episode 5

How I Became A Lesbian Episode 5: A promising young lady named Alice tells a story of how she became a lesbian, and what led to her becoming attracted to someone of same gender. It’s Story Of A Lesbian whose name is Alice.

NOTE: Our publishing of this story on our platform is not in support of homosexuality but to open people’s eyes of things that led to such decision and lifestyle. Everyone has a story of what led to who he/she is today, and that’s what Alice is telling us in this story. Please do not read this story if you don’t like stories about Lesbians. Also the human image on the graphics use for this story doesn’t represent the character in real life, but for graphics use only.

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Below comes the Episode 5 of this story of how Alice became a lesbian. Enjoy and learn good lessons from her story.

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Alice sat on her bed feeling very strange. She had not felt these type of feelings since the last of her unwanted sexual dreams about her father. This time was different, she wanted these feelings. As always Alice felt guilty about liking any kind of sexual feelings.

It always seemed that they were wrong. That voice in her head said she should not be feeling this away and surely not this way about another woman. She was not a lesbian and it was just wrong to have such thoughts. However, even as the guilt and shame flowed through her mind she could picture Tony’s hands carefully shaving her crotch.

As she thought about this she felt unfamiliar juices begin to flow. She could not believe that her pussy was becoming wet. Alice quickly turned off the lights and attempted to escape to the safe world of u*****sness.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Tony asked as she peeked in Alice’s room.

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Alice slowly returned to a very confused consciousness. She had another one of those dreams and as she awoke she felt her hand rubbing between her legs.

“Are you okay?” Tony again asked.

“Yes, I’m okay,” Alice answered. “It was just a bad dream.”

“Ok, I could hear you moaning and crying. It must have been a bad one.”

“Yes, I have these dreams ever now and then,” Alice thought but felt this dream had been different and she wished she could return to it. She then reluctantly pulled her hand away from her wet pussy.

“See you in the morning,” Tony said as she shut Alice’s bedroom door.

Alice brought her hand up to her face and she could smell her own juices. Suddenly without thinking about it, Alice sucked her fingers and tasted her own juices. She could not believe she had done this but she could not help but let her hand travel back down to her hairy pussy. As she petted her pussy into an orgasm Alice realized she wanted her pussy to be pretty and clean like Tony’s.

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Tony returned to her room wondering about Alice. The moans in her dreams did not seem all bad; some sounded like Alice was enjoying things. Also, when Tony first open the door she could see beneath the covers and noticed Alice’s hand rubbing between her legs. Tony also noticed that Alice’s expression did not appear to be one of fear but one of lust. Tony went back to sleep thinking about this and even though she never really thought about being with another woman, her dreams explored this possibility.

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The next day Tony left before Alice. As Alice was dressing for work she noticed a pair of Tony’s panties lying on Tony’s bed. She picked them up and noticed they were thong panties. Alice had never really considered wearing such panties but on impulse stepped into these.

“This feels so strange,” Alice thought to herself as she adjusted the thin strapped that fit neatly between her shapely butt cheeks. The front of the panties was too small to cover her dark patch but she liked the feel of them. After making some further adjustments Alice decided to borrow Tony’s panties. This was very unlike the normal Alice. She did not like to try anything new.

“I can’t believe I am doing this,” Alice said to herself as she finished dressing quite conscious of the new feel of these panties.

Alice was constantly aware of her new attire during the day. The day was mostly routine type work but the day was definitely not routine for Alice. She enjoyed the new feeling and decided she would have to go shopping in the near future.

The next morning was Saturday. Alice slept rather well after her self love but awakened knowing that she wanted to take Tony up on her offer for a free shaving. She just did not know how to bring up the subject.

Tony slept well also and was fascinated by the thought of making love to Alice. Tony was definitely interested in guys and had several relationships in the past. Once she was considering marriage but was glad she changed her mind. The feelings she was having about Alice now were a bit different. The difference made it exciting.

At breakfast Alice and a nude Tony sat at the kitchen table eating some cereal. Alice decided to approach the subject of shaving. “Tony, can I asked you a personal question?”


“When did you start shaving your pubic hair?”

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“When I was 14 and got my first bikini,” Tony answered thinking she knew where this might be going and thought it might be fun. “It feels good to be clean of pussy hair, all nice and smooth,” she added for effect.

Alice blushed slightly, “I have never really thought about it before. I never have worn a bikini.”

“Really, you would look great in one. I bet all the guys would be looking at you. You need to get a thong. The guys would love your body. You want me to get rid of all that nasty pussy hair?” Tony replied feeling excited at the prospect of being that close to Alice’s pussy.

“I have been thinking about it.”

“Ok, let’s do it,” Tony said.

“Right now!”

“Sure, we can do it right here on the floor so it will be easy to clean up. All I need is some scissors, a razor, wash cloth, and some warm water. It will be fun and I can’t wait to see how you will like your new look.”

“Ok, let’s do it,”… (Episode 6) “How I Became A Lesbian”; Alice Tells Her Story

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