“How I Became A Lesbian”; Alice Tells Her Story (Episode 1)

How I Became A Lesbian

How I Became A Lesbian

How I Became A Lesbian Alice Tells Her Story

How I Became A Lesbian: A promising young lady named Alice tells a story of how she became a lesbian, and what led to her becoming attracted to someone of same gender. It’s Story Of A Lesbian whose name is Alice.

Kindly note that our publishing of this story on our platform is not in support of homosexuality but to open people’s eyes of things that led to such decision and lifestyle. Everyone has a story of what led to who he/she is today, and that’s what Alice is telling us in this story. Please do not read this story if you don’t like stories about Lesbians. Also the human image on this story doesn’t represent the character in real life, but for graphics use only.


Below come the Episode 1 of this story of how Alice became a lesbian. Enjoy and learn good lessons from her story.

Alice Johnson was what you would call normal, boringly normal. She was 28 years olds and her life had been mostly uneventful except for a few odd situations. She had never married, really never had a significant relationship. She felt lonely at times particularly after her mother died last year but was mostly satisfied with things. She worked for the past 4 years in Peter Johnson’s accounting firm as a bookkeeper. She enjoyed her work and the salary was enough to keep her comfortable. She also had a nice benefit package since the firm was rather successful.

“Hello, Mr. Johnson,” Alice said as she entered the office.

“Hi, Alice. How are you?” Mr. Johnson replied.

“I didn’t sleep very well last night. It may be my allergies but otherwise I am doing okay,” Alice thought about her night. Occasionally she would have one of those dreams and then be unable to get back to sleep. This had been one of those nights. Luckily they did not happen that often.

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Alice was not ugly woman but she did very little to accent the positive aspects of her appearance. She dressed in very conservative clothing hiding the curves her body held beneath the layers of fabric. Alice was mostly a nonsexual being. She just was not interested in sex except those rare instances after awaking from one of those dreams. The dreams would always bring back memories of the significant man from her past. The memory filled her with a passionate disgust but also with a sick guilt ridden sense of pleasure.

“Alice, the new person will begin work today. Would you show her around? Her name is Tony and I think she will do well,” Mr. Johnson instructed.

“Ok sure,” Alice thought it will be nice to have a new face in the office. Alice did not socialize much but like everyone that worked for the firm.

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Alice’s natural father died when she was 8. Her mother remarried when Alice was 10. Her new stepfather was nice enough but she quickly realized that he looked at her in ways that were not right. His looks were not the healthy kind of a father to c***d but in the sense of a man to a woman. Alice was afraid to say anything about this to her very Catholic mother and allowed her stepfather the occasional glimpses he stole. He was nice to her and everything was going okay. But her stepfather’s incidents increased as Alice began to develop into a woman. Her stepfather became much more interested and would often suddenly appear after she finished with the shower.

Sally remembered these incidents rather well.

“Oh, you just finished with your shower,” her stepfather said as he walked into the bathroom to find a young Alice standing nude before him.


“Yes sir,” Alice said as she reached for the towel to cover her nakedness.

“Stand there just a minute. I want to see something,” her stepfather said.

“Ok,” Alice responded not knowing what else to do. She remembers standing there as her stepfather eyes traveled over her young body. At that time she was just beginning to develop the nice 34 c breasts that she now hides beneath a full bra. She also only had the beginning of pubic hair surrounding the tiny slit of her pussy.

“You are going to be fine woman,” her stepfather said. He then walked over and pulled out his semi hardened cock and after a minute began to pee.

“Thanks,” Alice said not knowing how to respond to this compliment. She did take a look at his penis and she noticed the strange feeling deep within her body. Confused by the experience she dried off and quickly went to her room.


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Alice’s stepfather became bolder as Alice progressed in her sexual development. He often suddenly appear as she… [(Episode 2) “How I Became A Lesbian”; Alice Tells Her Story]. Check back for the continuation of this story; and Follow up on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for notifications on the sequels to this story. SEE ALL OF THE ALREADY AVAILABLE EPISODES & also check out OTHER UPDATES ON THIS PLATFORM.


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