(Episode 2) “How I Became A Lesbian”; Alice Tells Her Story

How I Became A Lesbian

How I Became A Lesbian

How I Became A Lesbian Alice Tells Her Story Episode 2

How I Became A Lesbian Episode 2: A promising young lady named Alice tells a story of how she became a lesbian, and what led to her becoming attracted to someone of same gender. It’s Story Of A Lesbian whose name is Alice.

NOTE: Our publishing of this story on our platform is not in support of homosexuality but to open people’s eyes of things that led to such decision and lifestyle. Everyone has a story of what led to who he/she is today, and that’s what Alice is telling us in this story. Please do not read this story if you don’t like stories about Lesbians. Also the human image on this story doesn’t represent the character in real life, but for graphics use only.


Below comes the Episode 2 of this story of how Alice became a lesbian. Enjoy and learn good lessons from her story.

Before you continue, Read the (Episode 1) “How I Became A Lesbian”; Alice Tells Her Story to get the full story.

Alice’s stepfather became bolder as Alice progressed in her sexual development. He often suddenly appear as she came out of the shower and worked up to the point he would dry her off with a towel making sure he rub all the right places. He continued to expose himself to her and her stepfather was first time she ever saw an erect cock.

She was confused with her feelings about this but had to admit to herself that she was fascinated with his penis. This admission was difficult for Alice because it also brought feelings of disgust that she would like such things. Alice grew up very conflicted and confused during her rather difficult puberty stage, a stage of development difficult for any teenager.

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Alice’s mother was of little comfort during this time. Her mother had always been the sickly type that required much attention and sympathy. Her mother did not have the energy to be of much reassurance to Alice. However, other than this her home-life was basically stable.

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Her stepfather never crossed any lines that would have threatened Alice enough to report their little games. She knew from her sex education classes that any such reporting would most likely destroyed the stability of their home so she kept their family secrets. Alice continued to attend Mass with her mother each Sunday and always failed to mention the games she and her stepfather played during Confession with Father Stanley.

When Alice was 15 her stepfather decided he had had enough of his in-firmed wife and left the home. Alice’s mother was devastated and Alice put her energy into helping her mother adjust to the changes. Alice had very mixed emotions about her stepfather.

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On the one hand she liked the little games they played. The games never went to the point of Alice feeling threatened by her stepfather but then again she knew that what they did was wrong. As a result she felt very guilty particularly those times she masturbated thinking of her stepfather’s penis and his hands rubbing in ways one’s stepfather should never do.

Alice looked up from her desk as an attractive young female walked in the door. Alice guessed this was the new employee and walked over to her.

“Hi, I’m Alice and welcome to the Johnson’s Accounting office.”

“Hi, I’m Tony and I’m a bit nervous. This is my first real job and I want to do well,” Tony said with a small laugh.

“Ok, I am sure you will do just fine. Come over here and I will show you to your desk.”


They walked over to the desk in the corner of the office in which Alice worked. Alice showed Tony her desk and spent the morning explaining the duties of Tony’s job. Alice and Tony seemed… [(Episode 3) “How I Became A Lesbian”; Alice Tells Her Story]. Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for notifications on new updates. Also check out OTHER UPDATES ON THIS PLATFORM.

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