“I Never Thought Of Making Money Through Blogging When I First Decided To Blog, But To…” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu
Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu
Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

In this article, I, Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu, popularly and jocularly known as The Inspirational Parrot, has revealed what I have in mind before and when I started blogging. It will not only inspire just upcoming bloggers, but every young person out there who is trying to achieve something in life. Please, read more to learn more.

I am going to make this piece to be brief by going straight to the point and making sure I only write about things that are necessary. It will be so bad of me if I fail to remind you that THERE ARE SO MANY GENUINE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY THROUGH THE INTERNET

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Before I go on, it’s substantial to let you know that I started blogging as a 100% neophyte. I knew nothing about blogging or how to manage a blog in a standard way. I had been blogging for almost 2 to 3 years before I eventually realized what I don’t know about blogging. One thing is having passion and ability to do something, another thing is developing yourself more in that thing; it does not end say in wanting to blog, but also knowing the nitty gritty.

Okay, now let me bring the main crop of this piece of writing aimed at revealing my experiences so far in a brief manner. Hope you will be inspired after reading.

I discovered my gift in writing before I left secondary school, but I was fully convinced that I am destined to be a writer after my secondary school. I am so good in writing contents that while they are been read, it would be as if I am physically speaking to the reader. God has blessed me with the destiny to inspire and motivate people, and expose facts/realities through my gift of writing.

As at the time when I was convinced that I can do marvelous works in writing, I kept writing and archiving my articles, quotes, poems, philosophies just as they come into my mind; with the hope that one day I would use them to make impacts on people’s lives, and that day has come, that day is today and tomorrow. Lots of my written works are on the internet including sites and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

My life is filled with inspiring stories; these stories have inspired me into writing thousands of quotes/philosophies, hundreds of articles and poems. I have had lots of
experiences in life both directly and vicariously. At my teen, I was already full of great wisdom such that people who read or hear me speak would think that I had passed the age bracket for teens.

I had always had in mind to have a website where I would be publishing my written works; I so much I believed that I will be one of those people that will make good use of the internet and that will use the internet to make good impacts in people’s lives. That is what actually led me into the field of blogging initially.


Then, 5 to 7 years ago or more, I never knew that there is anything like blogs, bloggers, and blogging. I thought that all online platforms are fully built/developed websites. I never knew that one can have a blog which will look like a website. Then I was aware that building a full website cost huge amount of money and that also bothered me since I was not financially well off or from financially buoyant background.

But as I was growing up, I kept getting exposed and discovering lots of things and gathering skills and experiences which have made me a better person today. I kept using Facebook and other social media platforms and I am sure I have really made positive impacts in the lives of people I have encountered on the internet thus far.

Let me now tell you people why and how I joined blogging. I founded this blog (www.trendsoflegends.com) in late 2014, October precisely. I never ever planned beforehand to name it TRENDSOFLEGENDS BLOG; this name was actually what came into my mind the very day and moment the person who opened it asked me what name I would love the blog to bear, and boom TRENDS OF LEGENDS came into my mind immediately.

My main reason was to use the blog as an archive where my written works will be stored. I never knew this blog will grow to the ambit of having a TEAM or to use it for SO MANY OTHER SERVICES, OFFERS AND REASONS as it is been use for today. As I was using the blog to propagate my talents in writing and gift of motivation God has blessed me with; I kept gathering more and more knowledge in the field of blogging as I kept equipping myself with more skills in this field.

Today, everything has changed, and I have made money through blogging even though I have not made it big but my target now is to make a whole lot of money from blogging. The blog is not just an archive but a media channel to sell talents to the world. I use it to sell myself, members of the TRENDSOFLEGENDS TEAM, and other people who believe they have TRENDS of LEGENDS.

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It is all about legends and their trends. I am legend, you are a legend, anyone can be legend notwithstanding his field of endeavour.

I am sure that I can still make appreciable amount of money from this blog as time goes if I keep moving it in the right way. To be sincere, this blog has helped push my name “Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu” and my nickname “The Inspirational Parrot” so far that when you search for any of the names on Google search platform (www.google.com) you will see relevant details about me and my activities on the internet. Also I have used this platform to push good information about people and businesses to the world through DOCUMENTARY, PROFILES & REVIEWS SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE.

It is not all about the money, but the reputation and good name it has given me so far. The money is also inclusive, but it will still come with time. Assuming money was my major reason I started blogging, I would have quit; but my passion for writing and blogging kept me moving till this day; and this is the secret of all successful bloggers: passion, determination, and consistency.

Managing a blog is not something that is easy. It takes a lot of sacrifices, discipline, focus, and determination. I could remember how I used my pocket money to subscribe for data during my university days just to keep the blog moving. I don’t want to write about the exact amount of money I have made as a blogger so far, although I know that lots of people would love to know. But to be honest, blogging has paid me good money so far, and will also pay me more with time. My knowledge of blogging not only helped me in managing and making money from my own blogs, it has also made me work for/with other blogs and media companies as content creator, website manager, supervising manager, consultant, among other roles.

I never thought of using my own name to open this blog because I need it to be a platform not just for me; I have also given many writers the room to use this platform to unveil their written works to the world, and you can be one of them, kindly CONTACT US NOW.

Also, I am going to train and mentor interested persons FREE OF CHARGE in blogging and the use of social media to sell one’s abilities/talents; it will be an online class and you can benefit from it if you are interested, call or chat me on WhatsApp using 08037834016 or drop an email for me via [email protected] let me give
you more details. Better still, Follow My Facebook Page Here & Contact Me There.

Whatever you desire to do in life, and it is worth doing (and it is something good in the eyes of God and man), please keep on to do it very well because there is possibility of your making money through it as you keep doing it.

As I have mentioned above, from time to time I do organize an online class on WhatsApp where I will be mentoring and training young persons who wish to join blogging and internet media; and using it to sell their talents to the world and make some money as well and this training will be free of charge for few persons; we also have PAID PACKAGES.

Once again, my name is Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu, popularly known as The Inspirational Parrot.

I am the founder of TRENDSOFLEGENDS BLOG/TEAM, and I look forward to making it a big and renowned media house; so it is not just for me, you too can be part of this team directly or indirectly.

Please, I enjoin all of you to always visit WWW.TRENDSOFLEGENDS.COM most especially for motivational/inspirational articles, tips, lessons, advice, updates on relationship, love, marriage & sexuality, quotes, and also gist/news updates, FUNNY SHORT JOKES & COMEDY VIDEOS, LATEST SONGS, MUSIC VIDEOS, NEW MUSIC ALBUMS… and tell your family members and friends about this platform.

Any writer can benefit from this platform through exposing his/her gift in writing. Support me, support my idea, support my team and other writers whose works have been published here by visiting this blog regularly, and by sharing our posts and commenting, or patronizing our SERVICES & OFFERS.

On behalf of TRENDSOFLEGENDS TEAM, I thank you for having chosen to visit this blog today and for reading this post. Please share with others, thanks. Check out other posts as you scroll down.

Be an inspiration and motivation to people around you!



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