Meet Benjamin Ekechukwu: A 6 Year Old Nigerian Boy Who Has Passion For Mechanic Works (Videos & Details)

Benjamin Ekechukwu

Benjamin Ekechukwu

Benjamin Ekechukwu : 6 Year Old Nigerian Boy Who Has Passion For Mechanic Works

Meet Benjamin Ekechukwu: A 6 year old Nigerian boy who has passion for mechanic works and nothing can stop him from doing it, not even his parents.

There is a popular saying that what your PARENTS cannot do for you, hopefully your TALENTS can do that for you so long as those TALENTS are not kept LATENT. This young boy is already living out his talent and passion and not even his parents can be an encumbrance.

Do not forget that I am still your inspiring friend Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu best known as The Inspirational Parrot; thanks for joining me today as we talk about this young Nigerian LEGEND by name Benjamin Ekechukwu, and his passion for mechanic works. A young boy whose passion will amaze everyone who gets to know about it.

I came across a video documentary done by and published on BBC News Pidgin Facebook Page (which is attached at the end of this post) and that’s where I drew the inspiration to make this documentary for readers/visitors of Trends Of Legends Media. I called him a LEGENDS because here on TRENDSOFLEGENDS we see virtually everyone as a LEGENDS because we believe in the philosophy that everyone has TRENDS of LEGENDS in them. Yes, you who is reading this has TRENDS of LEGENDS in you, endeavour to live out yours.

Chidinma Ekechukwu

According to his mother, identified as Mrs Chidinma Ekechukwu, at the tender age of six her son’s passion for mechanic works is overwhelming; she had done so many things to restrict him from going into such passion especially because of what people may say, still he has undying spirit for mechanic works. She revealed she had beaten him severally, yet it did not stop him. She would leave the house for market only to return home and her son won’t be around; where would he be? You already know the answer, Benjamin would be found as where his passion drives him to: the mechanic workshop.

In addition, the master to the little boy and the owner of the mechanic workshop (whose name is not disclosed) has also expressed his own shock at the speed the 6 year old Benjamin was catching up in learning the rudimentary aspects of the works even faster than his seniors in the field notwithstanding he has not been in the work for over 8 months his mother revealed in the video.

Benjamin Ekechukwu Master
The Oga (Master) to the 6 Year Old Benjamin Ekechukwu

According to his master, he initially refused to train little Ekechukwu because of his age, but even at his refusal the boy kept coming to his workshop, so he considered to train him and to his utmost surprise the boy learned faster; and I must tell you that true passion fuels success in one’s endeavour.

Benjamin Ekechukwu Doing His Passion
6 Year Old Benjamin Ekechukwu Doing His Passion

The owner of the mechanic workshop who also trains the little Benjamin reveals that the boy can do every aspect of the works his age and strength can permit him and has hundred percent accuracy in keeping things, once you have given him something to keep, and whenever you request him to get it, he won’t forget where he kept it and that marvels his master.

Benjamin Ekechukwu & His Master at Mechanic workshop
6 Year Old Benjamin Ekechukwu & His Master at Mechanic workshop

Mrs Ekechukwu revealed that his son’s passion for mechanic workshop does not stop him from going to school; that Benjamin still attends school and go for his passion; and hopefully she is looking forward to putting her son in technical school where he will further his education on what he has passion for. I think he can go for Mechanical Engineering in tertiary level of education, that will be very nice.

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We hope that there will be someone with kind heart to sponsor this young LEGEND in furthering his education, and I am so happy that his mother did not end up stopping the boy from going for his passion while still schooling. Believe me there are lots of other kids out there with passion for one thing or the other, but for the fact that their parents frown face at what they have passion for, they restrict such kids.

I acknowledge where/when the mother of the 6 year old Benjamin revealed and sincerely said that handwork is very good and that she is fully aware that people must talk, in fact that people are talking already, but she does not care.

About Benjamin’s father, nothing was said about him in the video documentary done by BBC News Pidgin; nevertheless wherever he is right now he should no doubt be proud of a son he has. I am also happy that what drives Benjamin’s passion into doing mechanic works is not MONEY that will come from it; and I pray he won’t later abandon school (education) at early stage.

Before I end this documentary, let me share something about me with you with respect to handwork/passion. I got to a stage in my life I started wishing I learned how to repair generators; yes I regretted why I did not acquire the skill after my secondary school before going to university, but I used the period to get literacy in computer and surely I have made money through my computer literacy as it helped me so much in living out my passion for writing and blogging which birthed this TrendsOfLegends Media Platform aimed at discovering and uncovering to the world those with TRENDS of LEGENDS just as we have done for little Benjamin.

Watch the video below, drop comments and please share this post out as the world deserve to know this young Legend. Don’t forget that this documentary was done by Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu, popularly known as The Inspirational Parrot; [Photo and Video Credits to BBC News)


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