Meet Ilo Onyefuluchi Nneamaka Founder/CEO Nencee Organics & Nencee Pap

Ilo Onyefuluchi Nneamaka
Ilo Onyefuluchi Nneamaka (Nencee)

Ilo Onyefuluchi Nneamaka
Ilo Onyefuluchi Nneamaka (Nencee)

Ilo Onyefuluchi Nneamaka Founder/CEO Nencee Organics & Nencee Pap

Ilo Onyefuluchi Nneamaka Founder/CEO Nencee Organics & Nencee Pap: Meet Nneamaka Onyefuluchi Ilo, Founder/CEO Nencee Organics & Nencee Pap. She is one of Nigerian young ladies who are working hard to make it big without been limited by their gender.

About The Founder/CEO Nencee Organics & Nencee Pap

Her real name is Ilo, Onyefuluchi Nneamaka, but popularly known as Eminence. She is a Mass Communication graduate from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK). Her business names are Nencee Organics and Nencee pap.

She deals in commercial production of organic products and mass production and supply of Pap within Anambra State and environs.

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About Nencee Organics

Nencee Organics
Nencee Organics

Nencee Organics specializes on skin care business made from natural ingredients and herbs, our products are 80% organic and as such build your ‘SKINFIDENCE’. Our products ranges from adults to children skin products, dark skin and fair skin as well. We go as far as sourcing for our raw materials, this is because we want to ensure we use the right things and not camouflage.

Our Products Include;

  1. Nencee lightening black soap
  2. Nencee glowing black soap
  3. Nencee lightening Milk
  4. Nencee hot chocolate cream
  5. Nencee Children and Teen black soap
  6. Nencee Glow body scrub.
  7. Unadulterated coconut oil (different sizes).
  8. Glow body oil. And lots more we wish to add to the Nencee family.


Nencee Pap
Nencee Pap

Nencee Pap deals in Mass pap production and supply. Pap often regarded as akamu, ogi, koko or eko is a Nigerian fermented cereal pudding made from maize. This super light food has been around for decades now, and it is eaten by many people in Nigeria. The traditional food (pap) can be taken with many things which includes plantain, beans balls, beans, okpa, milk, tea, honey, soybeans powder and many more.

It also has nutritional and health benefits one of them includes regulates blood pressure, highly beneficial for nursing mothers, good source of energy and many more. Akamu (Pap) according to health researches has been found to be a natural sperm booster. Many people love this meal but can’t take it because of the hygienic method some people use and this makes it not enjoyable but Nencee pap is different and unique because it is;

  1. Neat
  2. Natural sweetness
  3. No sour taste
  4. Very neat, in short it’s extra ordinary neat.
  5. A must taste and come back for more.

And this makes it a very comfortable and reliable food for your kids because Nencee pap is trustworthy. As a pap lover you will definitely love it when you taste one. We have different options or variants you can choose from, they are;

  1. Corn, joro, dawa and ginger variant.
  2. Corn, joro, and dawa variant.
  3. Corn and ginger variant.
  4. Corn pap only.
  5. Joro and dawa variant
  6. Special orders according to clients request.


Nencee is located in Awka, the Capital city of Anambra, but can supply to any parts of the State and also within South East Geopolitical zone. In case you are in need of Nencee Organics and/or Nencee paps, kind reach them on Call/WhatsApp via +2348133560934

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Ilo Onyefuluchi Nneamaka hopes and looks forward for your continuous patronage of her products: Nencee Organics and special Pap Variants. In you need your Profile and/or business/brand/personal reviews to be published our platform, kindly CONTACT US HERE; and feel free to check out the LIST OF OUR SERVICES & OFFERS HERE.


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