Passyxchange CEO & Jeriq Hang Out: Something Huge Is Coming

Passyxchange CEO & Jeriq

Passyxchange CEO & Jeriq

Passyxchange CEO & Jeriq Hang Out

Passyxchange CEO & Jeriq Hang Out: Offor Paschal Chineme and Jeriqthehussla were spotted hanging out, a proof that something big is cooking up.

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According to reports received by TrendsOfLegends Media Team, Passy (the CEO, founder, and owner of the popular crypto exchange company, Passyxchange) was seen somewhere in Enugu State with the famous Nigerian rapper Jeriqthehussla though best known with Jeriq.

The two were spotted together at a hotel in Enugu on the 1st of March 2022 and were recognized by fans who proposed to pay their bills till whenever they wanted to leave the hotel but they declined.

It was later gathered that they were not there for long, but just for a proposal and a business meeting; more reasons we speculate that something is cooking which we can’t categorically say but we all will get to know soon.

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Passyxchange CEO & Jeriq

The two after taking pictures with fans went into enclosed confinement for their meeting and later left the location. Whatever that might be cooking between the two legends is unknown to us but we will surely keep you informed when we find out.

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