Poem: “I had a Dream” by Bosco

I had a dream…
I dreamed a lady.
I met her in a tunnel of love 

And she was digging it.
She looks like something 
Someone would only meet in a nightmare.
She keeps digging and digging,
Day by day but nothing changes,
Then when you look back, everything’s different.
I pledged to help, because she was beautiful.
But I was handicapped to as much,
I was too buoyant and sophomoric.
For it is hard to lead a cavalry charge 
If you think you look funny on a horse.

I was leaving…
She called on, hey you!
I need relief.
Your heart is so deep and stressed.
Why move away to make it harder?
I claimed to have ignored her,
But she keeps nagging;
I dreamt about you last night, you were there.

We stopped telling each other about our dreams 

When we realized we were still inside them, she said.
I became desperate. She made sense.
I came closer and closer.
There was a deathly silence all around.

Who are you? I asked.
Oh! How the evening light fades over your soul, my man.
That question alone made her wither.
Once before I held her, she did not turn away from me.
But instead stared on how the breeze could Clout my branches.
I wanted my roar to enshroud her sweetest tears,
So she would know how unceasingly I yearn for her glance before now.
For it is she alone, who can ingest and digest my guilty.
I wish there was a way to make her state similar feelings to those of my soul.
It is she besides the stars who can make me settle arrect.
Without leaps of imagination, I woke up with a gun pointing at me.
I am not a gun.
You never said I was too.
It was only my curtain stick which fell off by night.
I was so scared to continue,
For I needed much-more guts…
And not fear.

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