Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu Speaks About Political Prophecies By Men Of God On Who Will Win Elections (Details Here)

Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu Speaks About Political Prophecies

Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu Speaks About Political Prophecies

Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu Speaks About Political Prophecies By Men Of God On Who Will Win Elections

In this article you will discover what Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu Speaks About Prophecies By Men Of God On Who Will Win Elections in African countries, especially in Nigeria.

For couple of years now, Rev. Fr. Ugwu has made good/positive use of Facebook to teach his followers on realities and his teachings and preaching liberate people from religious slavery as they help people gain more insights on spirituality and reality.

His life and ministry reveal a perfect blend of the traditional and digital modes of evangelization which have endeared him to the hearts of his Parishioners in Malawi and his Friends on Facebook. His online activities are practical examples of the two aspects of digital evangelization; witnessing and sharing. He has continued to bear witness to the Truth which he shares with profundity of thoughts, versatility of experience and clarity of expressions.

Fr. Kelvin manifests a literary ingenuity that commands readership. His regular Facebook series tagged #FacebookTelevision has become popular because of its uncommon didactic methodology crowned with simplicity of language, diversity of experiences, originality of style and orthodoxy of doctrines. He is at home with the challenges confronting the contemporary man and has undertaken the task of accompanying him in his search for true fulfillment through his rich and inspiring posts.

Below is what Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu said about political prophecies among Men of God in Africa, especially in Nigeria.

I will keep saying this and I will not get tired of saying it. . . Let us FOCUS! Don’t allow anything to distract you.

In the past, we have listened to self-acclaimed prophets tell us who to vote. . .We tried them many times, but they landed us in purgatory. . .This time around, we have decided not to follow prophecies.

Was that not our agreement???

We tried tribe before, we tried religion too… but they landed us in Limbo.

We tried candidates that use to share money. . . we voted for those that will distribute oils, Maggi, indomie, and 1k before the camera… But it landed us in hell.

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This time around, we have vowed never to listen to any self-acclaimed prophet and their prophecies. We are not saying prophecy is not good, but we are saying that the biggest prophecy from God on the 2023 election is for us to use our common senses which God himself gave us.

For the reason why God gave us sense is so that we won’t be senseless.

We have vowed never to allow tribe or religion cause us to lose focus. We will vote for the best candidate this time.

Finally, we have also vowed not to give shishi when you don’t merit it. We will not bribe anybody. We will not be wasteful. Shishi you will not see unless we see the importance of the project to the masses.

Let’s trend #NoShishi



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