Revelation: Why I Would Have Become An Atheist! -NDJP

In this post is a revealed truth from our founder, the person who initiated the idea behind #TEAM_TRENDSOFLEGENDS. He has decided to let others know what would have made him to be an atheist! actually, if you ask me, I would tell you that he has mysterious lifestyle, at times he behaves like a Humanist, though he is a Christian. Anyway, he just went direct to the point; read below and feel special to comment. I am Cynthia, reporting.

Revelation: Why I Would Have Become An Atheist! -NDJP 1

“I know most of my friends have not really read the true stories of my life, I have shared bits of my life histories to some of them maybe during the moments of interaction with them, or when advising or inspiring them. I won’t write much, let me be direct; when I was between the ages of 13 and 16; my prayers to God were that I should be the sacrificial lamb of my family, what it means to me is that I should die, then the remaining years of my life be added to those of my loving mother and the sacrifice would make my siblings to make great wealth ample to take care of my mom and other members of the society; after all, if I had died, my four siblings would still be there to take care of her. These were my prayers every night before going to bed with the hope that the next morning I would no longer be alive, I was saying these prayers during Masses [as we are Catholics]. Yet, each morning I woke up hale and hearty; see, I would have committed suicide but I decided to let God be the one to take my life Himself and fulfill my desires for asking him to do so. I know many would see doing that as insanity or done out of infantile thinking, but I was already mature psychically during those times. It’s like I’m writing much. Let me continue. Remember, this was happening between the ages of 13 and 16 years. The whole thing dawned on me when my mom eventually died, OMG!!! God had disappointed me, why must He fail me, why my mom, why the person I needed to give my own life to? I began to hate Christianity, in fact I hated religious beliefs as a whole. I began to conceive the thoughts that there was nothing like God. To be sincere, nobody around me knew that all these were happening in my life. I kept them to myself. It was then that I did pick up kitchen knife, would be thinking of stabbing myself, at least let me go and meet that God that failed me. It was really mysterious to me. How everything went off my mind I could not couch. Today, Chapel [the dwelling Palace of the Blessed Sacrament] and Grotto are my most visited Shrines in the world. That and other incidents were exactly how NDJP [The Inspirational Parrot] you hear about today would have become an atheist. I’m not condemning atheists neither am I praising them; they know what make them believe there is no God, and I know what make me to believe that there is God. Doctrines and Bible texts are not what make me to believe that there is God, my personal experiences and encounters with God are. Let me cut it short at this point. If I would go to Hell, it would be because I failed to make good and optimal utilization of my potentials. I would reveal more mysterious circumstances about me as time goes.”

Alright, you have seen it all, he really promised to keep it brief, and he did. I like this lad because he is plain and sincere when telling stories about himself, he tells you what he has done, he rather tells you few of what he truly does than to tell you lies about his actions. Whenever I look at him, he looks innocent as if he knows nothing nasty talk of doing things like such. I still remain Cynthia, please feel free to comment on this. He told me that he only tells the incredible stories of his life in order to change other lives, and not to attract people to pity him nor as a confession.

Catch you next time, he is waiting to read and reply your comments.

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