SHOCKING GIST/GOSSIP: “WOW! THANK JAH SHE HAS FINALLY SEEN HER PERIOD!” this is amazingly crazy, don’t miss it [+18]

I am +The Inspirational Parrot, I talk a lot but I talk with limitation, with moderation, with specification, and with cognition. I don’t talk anyhow, at anywhere, or to anybody. Anyway, I decided to share this shocking experience that just happened tonight but I have to keep identities undisclosed; and the gist will be brief, I’ll try to make it brief.

There was this friend of mine [male], for about 4 weeks now, he wasn’t his normal self, but when I met him live as I cruised down to my village, I tried to elicit what was the matter but to no avail. Even when we did chat on Whatsapp, he did not use to be as humorous as his normal self. Something must be wrong I sensed, but what must that be? I couldn’t guess right. This continued, I couldn’t pester him that much to tell me because he was not staying close to me, and he hardly picked my calls.

Just this evening he gave me a surprising call and was shouting “Yeah! Finally she has seen her period! Yeah! Thanks to Jah she has seen her period!” That was when I +The Inspirational Parrot fully understood what my friend had been passing through. According to the little I got from him this evening, he slept with a girl [who he is looking forward to make his girlfriend], he did that two times at interval of 4 or 5 days, and during each time, he didn’t use Durex, but he was very sure he didn’t ejaculate inside the girl; but after their last meeting [the 2nd time], his mind had not been at rest because the girl was always reporting of been sick, his thought was always that the girl might be pregnant.. And my friend had been so worried to the extent that whenever the girl called, he did sign of the cross before answering the call.

So, this evening, she rang him as usual, and as they were conversing, he realized that the girl is in her period; and this got him so excited that he called me and was obliviously shouting in great joy. He escaped been a father: now he has become the same my friend I know. I am not telling this gist to encourage premarital intercourse; rather it’s to tell young people to try as much as possible to desist from such act to avoid the worries and other challenges that comes with such acts. Think of it if my friend were in examination period, what would have been his performance?

Anyway, I still reminded him of billions of sperm cells he had wasted: if those were to be the opportunities he would have in life, he would have lost all just like that at the expense of sexual pleasure. SEX IS PLEASURABLE, I AM NOT CONDEMNING IT, BUT THE PEOPLE INVOLVED, AND TIME BEEN IT’S BEEN DONE DETERMINE WHETHER IT’S GOOD OR BAD.

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