Stanley Nathaniel Offor (Achievements, About, Profile, Biography, Education, Business, Nationality, Family Background, Net Worth & More)

Stanley Nathaniel Offor

Stanley Nathaniel Offor

Stanley Nathaniel Offor (About, Profile, Biography, Education, Business, Nationality, Family Background, Net Worth & More)

Stanley Nathaniel Offor: This article house Stanley Offor’s Achievements, About, Profile, Biography, Education, Business, Nationality, Family Background, Net Worth & More.

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Brief Description:

Stanley Nathaniel Offor popularly known as Stalo hails from from Ebenebe in Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. He is the 4th son in a family of five boys and no girl. He was born 16th of January.

Family Background:

He is the fourth child of his parents, in a lovely and blessed family of five boys and no girl.


He is an ambitious young man from Nigeria, West of Africa.

Educational Background:

He attended Scripture Union Nursery and Primary Schools but ended up sitting for his Common Entrance Examination at Presbyterian Primary School in Uyo. He furthered his Secondary School Education at Uyo High School, one of the best government owned schools in Uyo, Akwa ibom State. During his stay in high school, Stanley was once an Assistant Senior Prefect (male category).

Prior to getting admission into UNIZIK, he enrolled for UNIZIK Prescience Studies and participated actively in school and church activities and was made student male Cathechist for his set.

As God may have, he finally got admission into Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (NAU) to study his dream course, Chemical Engineering. He served in various leadership positions as he has become the PRO and President of his department.

S.N. Offor during his stay on campus was also dedicated to church activities as he joined the Legion of Mary where he chose to build his spirituality and serve God. He also identified with the Altar Boys Association. As at the time of filing this report (2021) he is currently in his final year and by Gods grace should graduate this year in flying colours.

Life Achievements:

During his stay in the university, he developed his talents in drawing and have done many beautiful art works (pencil drawings) for people. In his zeal to have a skill related to his course of study, Stanley learnt how to produce paint and have had up to five years of experience in it with his brand name “Stalo Paint”.

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Later on, S.N. Offor moved by the desire to acquire digital skills, he went into into graphics, video ads and the peak of it all ‘website development’ which gave birth to the brand name “Stalo Web”.

He specializes in running all types of websites ranging from courier site, investment site, school site, business site, e-commerce site and lots more (LEARN MORE HERE). One of his greatest philosophies is “whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well”; at such he always puts in his best in whatever right he does in life so as to achieve the best of it.

Social Life & Hobbies:

Stan Offor also has a commendable social life, he loves making friends, he likes to play video games, a lover of different exercises with swimming as his best. Stanley loves and always ready to listen to music and see movies, although fairly. He is simple and approachable and loves impacting on others. He dreams of traveling round the world and making positive impacts to not just Nigeria, but the world at large.

Stanley Nathaniel Offor lives with the mindset that if we all are nice to everyone, showing love and care to others, the world would be a better place for everyone.

Contact & Social Media Details:

Facebook: @ offor Stanley
Instagram: @ Offor Stanley and/or stanlo_web
LinkedIn: @ Stanley Offor
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 08169881336


Stanley Nathaniel Offor

Stanley Nathaniel Offor

Stanley Nathaniel Offor

Stanley Nathaniel Offor

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