“The Joy Of Being A Male” Written By Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

The Joy Of Being A Male By Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

The Joy Of Being A Male By Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu: For a couple of weeks I have been thinking of this particular topic. I have been asking myself lots of questions right within my mind concerning what could be said to be the joy of being a male person; so I later made up my mind to write about the topic. I hope you will grab something from my own view and as well drop your own thoughts after reading.

The joy of being a male is not in having a penis; yes I say so, no matter how huge the size or how cute/sexy the appearance/shape may be, that is not where the joy of being a man lies. Not every male person out there is enjoying his being a male; yes, of course not and I am pretty sure of that. You may be doubting it; anyways keeping reading to find out more.

The joy of being a male person is not in looking cute or handsome. It is not in having this attractive physique (flat tummy/six-packs), sexy lips, fine hairstyle, this and that. There are lots of cute males out there, yet they ain’t feeling the joy of being a male.

Then, what is the joy of being a male? This is a question each of us (males) has to answer individually; but I am going to give an answer to the question from my
own point of view. I will also expect you to say something after reading this piece, at least to share with us what you think is the joy of being a male person.

The joy of being a male is when you as a male person can cater for yourself; it is when you have something doing that is fetching you some money, if not to flex, at least to solve your immediate needs.

Have you seen a man who does not have any source of income? How do you think he feels? Such a man does feel bad of his status. He is always worried and unhappy. Some of such male persons feel depressed, despaired, sad and frustrated.

What about a married man who has lost his job and has not gotten something doing, or the one who has no job at all that is giving him money at the moment: how do you think such a man would be feeling? Tell me, can such person feel the joy of being a male person?

No matter how cute or handsome, how tall, or how huge a man may be, how healthy and religious he may be, if he has no source of income, he is not feeling the joy being a man.

I know how bad I used to feel whenever I am broke; to be sincere, it does not use to be a good experience for me. Sometimes I would be feeling as if I am no more in existence. See, my own case is that money will still come, how much more of someone who does not have any means of getting money; he may not have even been able to pay his prolonged debts.

Right from when I was still in the secondary school, I have been bothered with how to make money in life. Throughout my stay in the university, I did bring out time to think of things I can be doing, at least to be getting some money to be
taking care of my little needs.

Even at the moment, I am still looking for sources of income; hope you got me: I
said “SOURCES” because the more a man’s sources of income become, the more joy he tends to feel as a male person.

At this juncture, it’s important for me to remind you that I am talking about the “Joy of Being A Male” and not the “The Joy Of Being Alive“. Please don’t misquote me; I know that whoever that is alive, hale and hearty has every reason to be happy; but when a male person (I mean a grownup) doesn’t have money to solve his needs, he won’t be feeling the full joy of being male.

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Forget it when someone says that money is not everything; money is very important in life; if it’s not important to you, it’s very important to me. But we should take it easy in chasing money so that it won’t eat one’s head. When you have money, I mean enough money, life will tend to be joyful for you; although there are people who are affluent and yet they ain’t fully happy.

A male without any source of income isn’t experiencing the joy of being a male
person. In this note, I am urging every male person to start looking for a source of income. Even if you have not gotten any source of income, please do not lose hope, keep searching and working harder.

I will advise you (a male person) to find a good source of income, although I know some male persons (youths especially) prefer criminal ways or sordid means of making money: they feel the joy of being male despite their source of making the money, until nemesis has caught up with them.

Therefore, a grown male person who doesn’t have source of income or means of making money to carter for himself ain’t feeling the joy of being a male person notwithstanding how handsome and healthy he may be looking.

Thank you for visiting this blog to read this article; I am wondering if you accede or do not accede with my own views about the joy of being a male. I will love to hear from you.

I need money in as much as I am happy, at least I am healthy; but I need enough money to be able to solve my needs and execute lots of projects I have in plans, among which is helping the less privileged people around me.

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Written By: Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu [The Inspirational Parrot; NDJP]
08037834016; [email protected], inspirationalparrot.com


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