The Reason Dogs Tilt Their Heads

The Reason Dogs Tilt Their Heads

The Reason Dogs Tilt Their Heads

The Reason Dogs Tilt Their Heads

The Reason Dogs Tilt Their Heads: The whole “dog” thing is pretty crazy if you think about it. Somehow, humans managed to trick an entire line of dogs into believing that humans were just the best things ever. And they’re still buying it, thousands of years later. The bonds many of us have with our canine companions are unlike any other friendships or relationships we have. Some of us love our dogs like children, and it’s no wonder. There’s an unconditional friendship there that makes everything better, and doesn’t it seem like they love us back, too? Knowing what’s happening inside those precious, perfect little heads can only make us understand them better.

Ready? Then holler out Poppy’s name in that authoritative voice and then in that goofy voice you do for some reason, pat yourself or any nearby piece of furniture, give her a good ol’ head-scratch or belly-rub, and keep a chew toy to hand while you learn about what’s going on in the space between her flop-ears.

And they would always act hungry too. Even if you just fed them five minutes ago, your dog will probably give you those eyes when you’re trying to eat your lunch. If their behavior is to be believed, they’re one stagger away from collapsing from sheer starvation.

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So what’s the deal, Pup? It’s normal, and it’s thought that this behavior is a holdover from when we first started inviting wild dogs to share our campfires and our table scraps. No one knew when the next meal was coming. It was better to chow down on food when it was there, and it’s likely that the focus on food is biologically hardwired into our dogs today.

For some dogs, there’s always the possibility that they’ve experienced a life of real starvation. Even after being rescued and re-homed, they can remember what an empty belly is like. Vets will often differentiate between begging dogs that act hungry and dogs whose behavior suddenly changes to become more demanding of food, so it’s also important to keep an eye on your puppy in case he goes from begging to ravenous.

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