The Secrets To Finding Someone To Marry (Revealed by Sam Adeyemi In A Video)

The Secrets To Finding Someone To Marry

The Secrets To Finding Someone To Marry

The Secrets To Finding Someone To Marry

The Secrets To Finding Someone To Marry: Find out in this short video of Sam Adeyemi (Author and Pastor) as he shares the secrets to getting someone to marry.

I (The Inspirational Parrot) came across this video shared by a Facebook page known as Clinton Baruch Inspirational Network and having watched the short video message till the end, I deemed it worth sharing with more people hence I decided to come up with this particular content.

Before we continue, let me share with you (in the next paragraph) a Brief Description of Sam Adeyemi so that you can at least be able to know who Sam Adeyemi is.

Sam Adeyemi is an author and a senior pastor of Daystar Chri-stian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. His broadcast, “Excellent Leadership,” airs on Daystar Network Television and Word Network in the United States and on more than 25 channels in Europe and Africa. He is a Nigerian born 3 February 1967 (age 54 years), Kogi State. He has been nominated for and received The Future Awards Africa Prize for Service to Young People (people aged 40 and below). He is married with three kids who together with the wife (Adenike Adeyemi) reside in Lagos State.

Sam Adeyemi
Sam Adeyemi (Author & Pastor)

Sam Adeyemi also talked a bit of how he and his wife met, their status before they got married compared to now they are married.

He also points at men’s mentality of making it big, having enough money, having built house and so on before getting married.

I won’t lie, but I partially fall in the group of men he talked about as I have written in the paragraph above; yes I am among though PARTIALLY, not fully having such mentality. I still believe that marriage is a beautiful union but I won’t want my kids and family to pass what I passed through. Not that I need to have millions before getting married but I still advise that a man needs to be financially stable to a certain ambit before getting married and if possible he should make sure that his wife has something doing at least.

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Also he made mention of ladies looking for men who has already made it big in life to get married to them; he actually addresses the mentality revealing his opinion rather. You will learn more when you watch the video.

Let me allow you to get the full message from the horse’s mouth as you watch the video Sam Adeyemi dolling out secrets to finding someone to marry. Remember this: After every wedding proper comes the marriage proper. Wedding is a day or few days event, but marriage is everyday, all days of your life.

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